Year of Lost Heroes

MisCon 32 Theme

Our cities grow tall and glitzy and cars take to the smoky skies. The post-apocalyptic era of mobsters and airships gives way to generations of scientists and solarpunks determined to advance the technology of their ancestors.

Pretty soon, we take to the stars again and rebuild New Hong Kong Orbital University, teaching about replicants, the Three Laws of Robotics, and all five elements.

Is this the Jetson's-style utopian dream we've always yearned for, or is it a dystopian nightmare we'd all rather awaken from? Should we pack up and colonize space or return to a simpler time without robot servants? Is our bright future another wasteland waiting to happen? Does Kuato still live? Will the Nostromo make it home safe? What's a Cylon, anyway?

While you're working on costumes, panel ideas, and game scenarios, think about cyberpunks, space colonies, robot uprisings, flying taxis, and the future of humanity. To get in the mood, play some Shadowrun or Final Fantasy, and watch Blade Runner, the Fifth Element, District 9, iRobot, Alien, Total Recall, Battllestar Gallactica, and Firefly. Join us at MisCon 31 and help explore the convention's bright future. We promise not to hire any robot police like RoboCop or Chappie. Oh, and it might be wise to brush up on your Chinese before you hop aboard the Serenity and leave Earth behind.

MisCon: Year of Lost Heroes