Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 32: May 25 - 28, 2018 Missoula, Montana

MisCon 32 Volunteers

MisCon, like any convention or event, needs volunteers to help the convention run smoothly. MisCon uses volunteers in many capacities, from the Convention Committee, or ConCom who meet year 'round to put the convention together, to the volunteers who run the treat cart from Hospitality to feed gamers late in the evening.

How Can I Help?

As in the past, MisCon is looking for a few good volunteers to help us at MisCon 32. When you sign up by filling out the Volunteer Application let us know in which areas you would prefer to work and we will do our best to help match your needs with that of the convention. Below are MisCon's Departments. These are only a few of the ways you could help as a volunteer at MisCon 32:

Art needs volunteers to assist with the set up, break down and monitoring of the Art Show, as well as preparation for and modeling during the Art Auction.
There are hundreds of possible errands that will need to be run throughout the convention. These could be anything from hauling books to assisting with supply runs. There is always something to do. This year we will be implementing a new On-Call sign up sheet for errands, which is a great way to log in those volunteer hours!
If you are interested in hosting a game at MisCon this upcoming year, please fill out the application.
Gaming doesn't only need people to run the games, but also to assist in the behind the scenes activities including hanging signs, giving directions, notating schedule changes as well as keeping track of time for GMs and Gamers.
Game Days
MisCon's quarterly Game Days are a great opportunity to volunteer throughout the year. Volunteer hours logged during Game Days count towards MisCon hours, which is an easy way to meet commitment requirements for attaining the elite volunteer status of High Cultist! Volunteering during Game Days also earns Cthulhu Cash, which can be redeemed during MisCon convention and used in Hospitality, the Merchant's Room, or to pay for Registration.
The way to every Cthulhu's heart is through its stomach. Hospitality is always looking for enthusiastic and versatile volunteers. A volunteer could do anything from working with concessions, making trolley runs and assisting with setting up the Sunday BBQ! Hospitality runs from early morning until 2am, so if you are a night owl be sure to let the Volunteer Director know!
Many merchants require assistance with the transportation of their wares throughout the duration of the convention. Volunteers can also help staff the MisCon Merchant table! This is a great way to meet people and to scout out potential purchases!
Registration needs volunteers to help check in Con-goers. This could entail entering data into our Registration computers, sorting Pre-Registered Guests' purchases and distributing them, helping to assemble badges, and keeping registration lines orderly. This all helps Registration to run smoothly so that all Con-goers can be registered efficiently and enable them to enjoy the Convention!
Video and Film Festival
Volunteers at MisCon can help out at the Film Festival. The Film Festival director needs assistance during the Festival in a number of ways. This includes distributing and collecting ballots, presenting awards, seating, and showing videos. You can help out at the Film Festival if you sign up to volunteer!
If you've been to MisCon - or any other convention - you've seen the decorations, informational signs, etc. that go up to convert an ordinary hotel into THE Convention. Thursday setup involves many different activities including assembling Swag Bags, putting up decorations and posters, setting up panel rooms, and unloading MisCon supplies. If the first day of the convention isn't soon enough for you and you want to know what happens behind the scenes in preparation, Thursday Setup may be for you!
Tear-Down and Cleanup
What goes up, must come down. Not only is it a law of physics, it's a law of conventions. If you can stay after the convention and help with some of the cleanup, volunteer to help out and it will be appreciated, it can even earn you benefits towards the next year of MisCon.
MisCon needs a security team to protect the convention from liability, and to help keep everyone safe and secure. Security personnel do a lot for the convention including assist Con-goers, safety-bond weapons, and keep room parties safe. Volunteers can help out as Security personnel and supplement our fantastic Security staff! Security personnel must act with professionalism and must be reliable and trustworthy. If you are interested in being a part of the security team at MisCon this upcoming year, please e-mail the security director at security@miscon.org.
Operations, or "Ops," needs help from volunteers for a variety of tasks. These include errands for setup and tear-down throughout the convention (as described above), setting up rooms for panels, setting out chairs, maintaining the Green Room for Special Guests, special assistance for Guests of Honor, and decorating for the annual dance.
MisCon involves a variety of tasks. There are so many things that we can't list them all here. If you want to help out with something in particular that isn't listed let us know in your volunteer application and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Many volunteer shifts become available and need to be filled throughout the convention. If you are unsure how to help out or if you will be available to work, be sure to check the Available Shifts Board at the Volunteer/Info Table each day where shift updates are posted.
High Cultist
To acknowledge the dedicated work of our devoted volunteers the new position of High Cultist has been created. Not for the faint of heart, a High Cultist is the most serious of the volunteers. These individuals take on more hours and responsibility. They also reap greater rewards.
If you're really excited about MisCon and really want to help, you can join ConCom and help throughout the year. This can be a lot of work and is not for the faint of heart, but the reward of putting on a good convention every May is worth it! (And you get to wear a cool, limited edition, "staff" t-shirt at MisCon.)

When you sign up by filling out the Volunteer Application let us know in which areas you would prefer to work and we will do our best to help match your needs with that of the convention.


At MisCon we appreciate our volunteers and strive to compensate them for their efforts. Volunteers that go above and beyond are rewarded. Volunteers earn Cthulhu Cash for their time according to a fixed schedule. A volunteer may earn $5 Cthulhu Cash after 5 hours of work and $5CC every 2 subsequent hours. The maximum amount that a volunteer can earn is $40CC. This amount is only attainable by committing to the High Cultist work load. Volunteers are also rewarded with great swag prizes each year.

Cthulhu Cash can be picked up at the Volunteer/Info Table and is accepted in Hospitality, the Merchant Room, and Registration. To learn more visit the Volunteer Compensation/Expectations/Protocols Page.

If you have any questions .