Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 32: May 25 - 28, 2018 Missoula, Montana

MisCon 32 Costume Pageant

The Costume Pageant will be Sunday evening. Everyone is urged to come and participate and to cheer their favorite costume entries. The entry form is available online. The cutoff for registration is 11:59 p.m. on Saturday during the convention. No late entries will be accepted. Judging takes place prior to the contest, anyone wishing to participate will be required to attend. Please check the schedule for time and location. Winners will be announced immediately following the Pageant. Awards and Prizes will be handed out at that time and you must be present to win.

Costume Pageant Prize Categories:

  • Overall 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place
    • (Awards are $30, $25, and $20 Cthulhu Cash respectively)
  • Youth (age 13 and under)
    • ($20 Cthulhu Cash)
  • Specialty Awards
    • Best of MisCon Theme
    • Anime
    • Construction
    • Concept
      • ($15 Cthulhu Cash)

Rules (you know, stuff you have to do):

  • Be on time.
  • This is a family event in a public place. Keep it PG-13. No nudity and sorry, we won't be able to turn the lights off for special effects.
  • Absolutely NO fire, explosives or other hazardous effects. If you have a question about an effect or prop, check it out with the Costume Director.
  • Live weapons MUST be peace-bonded and may not be drawn without permission from the Costume Director.
  • We ask that there be NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY during the actual Pageant.

Suggestions (stuff you don't have to do that makes a difference):

  • Stay in character and present yourself - if we don't know who you're supposed to be it's tough to impress us (this should not take more that about 15 seconds - if we don't know who you are after that time, nothing you say is likely to change that).
  • Pay attention to details. Don't forget your shoes - Galadriel didn't even own cowboy boots and if you're not Harry Potter you probably shouldn't be wearing glasses.
  • A repair kit is handy. You might have to wait longer than anticipated, and bits and pieces have a tendency to go south.
  • Keep telling yourself, "This is FUN!" - it is.