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P.O. Box 7721
Missoula, MT 59807
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  • $25 through April 31, 2005
  • $30 after May 1, 2005

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01/19/05 6 PM-7 PM AT BARNES & NOBLE



  • Wiz kids update: they have been in contact. As current wiz kids has promised support in the way of product for prizes etc.
  • Damon heard back from Utili-kilts, and they would be willing to work a deal with MisCon security. They currently have a few survival kilts, in black, left. They would also be willing to give us a 10% break if we ordered al-masse with 6 kilts or more. Nick will be in contact with the other security personnel about the order.
  • Department reports:
    • ART: no art from our artist, however Bob N. did send him more pics. Contacted RadCon's art chair to ask questions about how they run their art room and auction. Heidi Wiseley has expressed interest in becoming MisCon's new art chair.
    • MERCHANTS: nothing to report
    • GAMING: nothing to report
    • WRITERS WORKSHOP: information has been sent out. Bob needs to contact the schools to see if they have any projects or assignments they will be entering.
    • TREASURER: nothing to report
    • VIDEO: nothing to report
    • SECURITY: Had a meeting with all current security personnel on 1/15/05 at 6 PM. Went over purpose of security, general conduct, and attire. Will be holding additional meetings in February.
    • REGISTRATION: It was recently brought up by John Drake that he had asked after the past con to no longer be registration. This means we currently do not have anyone in charge of registration. Second, the security/registration joint venture of figuring out the con badges is now up to security. No forward progress has been made in this area.
    • HOSPITALITY: nothing to report
    • PROGRAMMING/WEB: always want more panel ideas
    • VOLUNTEERS/OPS: Still working on the volunteer vouchers.
    • MEDIA RELATIONS: nothing to report


  • Paul Lawrence is now our NEW special media guest. Dragon is our special screen writing guest. We are unsure what Lady Dragon would like her title to be.
  • Masquerade: Chris Blazer sent Bob L. an E-mail. She discussed the possibility of getting Goodwill and or Salvation Army discount coupons good Thursday through Saturday during con as an incentive to participate in the masquerade. Also need to ask Faith if she will do make-up for masquerade.
  • RadCon update: Bob L. is reserving rooms. Everyone who is thinking of going, need to check the web-site for registration fees and misc. expenses.
  • The hotel meeting: Damon and Bob L. will be meeting at Ruby's to finalize the details soon. At that time they will also pick up a map for Security.
  • Green Room: possibility top of the stairs inside of building near the game room? This would be a room for the guests of honor to escape the convention.
  • Security room: security sleeping room needs to be secure and for security personnel only. No other people are to be allowed in there.
  • Ops room: Ops and volunteer need their room. This room will be "sleep capable" and be the volunteer station.
  • MisCon yard sale: Money for all items sold will go to the InCon relief fund. Concom needs to start getting items ready for the yard sale. Anyone who wants to donate items to the yard sale needs to contact Bob L.
  • Reunion MisCon 20: The idea is to have one "past", one "present", and one "future" guest. MisCon pays for three guests and any others pay their own way.
  • Joy suggested that a "how did you hear of us" question should accompany the registration papers so we can receive feed back on the effectiveness of our media/ advertising.
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