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P.O. Box 7721
Missoula, MT 59807
(406) 544-7083

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  • $25 through April 31, 2005
  • $30 after May 1, 2005

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02/23/05 5:45 PM - 7 PM AT BARNES & NOBLE



  • Department Reports:
    • CONCHAIR: Guests for next year (need to be dialed in). Alan Clark (artist) is interested in coming. We have black and white art from Mike Conrad. Heidi Wiseley is our art chair. Scott has all of the paperwork for her. There is not a map of the merchant’s/art room yet.
    • ART: Bob recommended we look to the artists from other cons to see if they would have their work at MisCon.
    • MERCHANTS: Looking to get more merchants. Big Sky Embroidery is a possibility.
    • GAMING: Gaming companies have been contacted. There were fliers posted at RadCon looking for G.M.’s. Stephanie wants to use walkie talkies in her LARP. She asked if they would interfere with security. Nick said he would make sure they wouldn’t. Stephanie’s would be three days. Andrea Coyle would like to run a one day LARP.
    • WRITERS WORKSHOP: Have not heard form the schools. Will re-contact them. We will probably have the workshop in two 2 hour sessions.
    • TREASURER: There are checks to deposit. Bob needs to get them to John.
    • VIDEO: RadCon’s video contest will be tough to follow. They had six entries. The viewing lasted thirty minutes. They had two different times you could review the films and vote on them. They also suggested the audience give useful feedback to the directors. They also had a projector and it was hooked up to a computer for mpegs, etc.
    • SECURITY: The Badge/patch will cost $5.00 ea. if we order under 100, or $4.00 if we order over 100 threw Big Sky Embroidery. It requires a three to four week turn around. Bob would like security not to carry any ASP or the like due to the ruckus RadCon security raised by walking around "armed". Nick would like to compromise with having only one or two of the team during each shift allowed to carry an ASP, or the like. It was discussed and agreed upon that we need to be very strict with peace bonding weapons and what will be allowed at the Con. All sheaths are to be leather, not cardboard. Security camera will be ordered next week. Damon is ordering the kilts.
    • REGISTRATION: Bob L. is temporarily the con registration chair.
    • HOSPITALITY: nothing to report
    • PROGRAMMING/WEB: nothing to report
    • VOLUNTEERS/OPS: nothing to report
    • MEDIA RELATIONS: Banners- 2 ft by 6 ft Damon is looking into how much. Independent is not receiving our faxes.
  • Reunion theme for next year- We will announce at MisCon the guests for next year. Possibilities include: Phil Foglio (artist), Robert Aspirin (writer), George R.R. Martin (writer), Robert Jordan (writer), Piers Anthony, and Terry Goodkind.
  • Inter-Con relations: RadCon: went very well. We almost broke even. Received two registrations.
  • Jess Roe will donate a prize for a hall costume contest.
  • Community involvement: We have telethon for KUFM. The block we are asking for is from 20:00-22:00 on Friday April 8. We need 3-5 people.


  • nothing to report
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