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05/11/05 5:45 PM - 7 PM AT BARNES & NOBLE



  • Meeting with Jason (the new hotel manager) making the necessary room arrangements with him and telling him what he needs to know about MisCon.
  • Meeting was called to order @ 6:45 p.m. by Bob L.
  • Minutes were accepted as written by all in attendance.
  • Department reports:
    • CONCHAIR: We need to finish the contact sheet and also check the sheet with Thank You card recipients and make sure we have everyone.
    • ART: Artist Kevin Brockshmidt might be sending us some artwork. He will be emailing Heidi soon. Monique will be sending check. She needs tables for 3D art.
    • MERCHANTS: nothing to report
    • GAMING: Amanda from Muse will be running Magic. The LAN people have not responded to attempts to contact them. Joe is still working on the maps for gaming.
    • WRITERS WORKSHOP: We now have the Writers Workshop MisCon 19 anthology. We purchased 14 books. 7 will automatically go to the authors.
    • TREASURER: John Drake went to Bob L.’s house to discuss his duties, responsibilities and what still needs to be done.
    • VIDEO: Film contest has been officially cancelled.
    • SECURITY: Arm bands have been received. The patches were incorrect so they went back to be remanufactured. There will be 10 stickers and 20 window decals with MisCon logo on them to sell in Hospitality and at Registration from Damon’s friend. Nick H. went with Jason (hotel guy) to the merchants/art room to check out the best place to mount the security camera. He said it will take some doing and will be “interesting”, but will get it done some way. Bob L. has finalized the Money Transfer Slips to track the money from Registration, Art & Hospitality.
    • REGISTRATION: Matt B. sent some examples of possible badges with Damon. We all decided they looked good but needed this year’s artwork on them and only GOH’s and PRO’s (not authors, artists, etc.). We have more pre-registrations this year than any other year. We already have over 100 room nights registered at Ruby’s. YEA!!
    • HOSPITALITY: Mike R. needs to talk to Brady (who ran Hospitality last year).
    • PROGRAMMING/WEB: Room 234 will be our Green Room. We think there probably shouldn’t be an autograph session scheduled but will discuss with guests before completely eliminating it. Bob N. needs to go shopping for supplies the Saturday before con to purchase mainly artists’ supplies and also some things for panels. The SCA is off the schedule. There has been no contact from them. We need to figure out this hall costume contest for sure and schedule time to judge it.
    • VOLUNTEERS/OPS: Joy dropped off Cthulhu Cash disc at Postnet and John Yovetich will be calling her next week to pick up the voucher booklet. Joy still needs to write out program book blurb about volunteer/ops and Cthulhu Cash.
    • MEDIA RELATIONS: Saturday 5/14/05 Bob L. and Joy will put up flyers around town. Utilikilt is sending us stuff and also gift certificate for free kilt to be auctioned off during art auction.
    • MASQUERADE: We have heard nothing from the businesses that Bob L. wrote letters to asking for donations.


  • Bob L. has called Samuel Delaney and emailed Steve Jackson again. So far we only have our artist for next year.
  • We will be borrowing an LCD projector from someone.
  • We need to come up with random electrical stuff for Mike Conrad & Dragon’s panels. They also will need hand power tools and other supplies.
  • We need to create some posters or signs (some type of advertising) for next year’s attractions. (Video contest, Hall costume contest, Masquerade, etc.). We need to organize a “poster party” so many Concom members can be involved in building and creating these posters advertising MisCon 20, so the burden will not be put on one single person.
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