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05/18/05 5:45 PM - 7 PM AT BARNES & NOBLE



  • Meeting was called to order @ 5:55 p.m. by Bob L.
  • Department Reports:
    • CONCHAIR: Bob L. needs to make his program book blurb bigger and then get it to Bob N. He picked up the theme art. To frame it cost around $70. It is fabulous and will auction off well. Bob L. also ordered more shirts recently. Next Wednesday meeting will not be happening, however, next Thursday at 5:45 at Ruby’s Inn we will be meeting in the Boardroom. All departments remember to write lists of important things not to forget to bring to con.
    • ART: There is art up at Brady’s house that needs to be picked up.
    • MERCHANTS: nothing to report
    • GAMING: Steve Jackson still has not contacted Bob L. about his schedule for next year. LAN will be run in a small room near gaming. Correct game descriptions are in the program book. Some of them will need to be changed from “GM” to the actual company who is sponsoring the game. Then Joe will have the name of the GM in the gaming room on the schedule.
    • WRITERS WORKSHOP: Everything is on schedule and going well.
    • TREASURER: Bob L. wrote check to Big Sky Drama Dept. for $50.00 to have our logo on drama dept. t-shirts the kids will be wearing all over to different areas they will be visiting this summer. Wrote a check to Joy Hunter for $27.70 to pay her back for purchasing the “Cthulhu Cash” from Postnet. MisCon has recently paid for all the GOH’s rooms and we now have barely over $900 in the bank.
    • VIDEO: Need to have the schedule to Bob N. before Monday.
    • SECURITY: Money Transfer Slips are finalized and accepted by all. There is a security meeting on 5/21/05 at 6:30 at the Hunter’s house. There is also a security walk through at the hotel, 7pm on 5/26/05, after MisCon meeting. We need to get the MisCon patches from Big Sky Embroidery by Monday 5/23/05 so we can start sewing them on to the arm bands. We also need to purchase elastic to sew on the arm bands as well. Nick will be making some sort of structure to have the security camera be up in the merchants/art room.
    • REGISTRATION: We looked at more badge examples and liked them very much. We need to buy more sleeves to put badges in. Registration will be taking money for the BBQ this year. We need to figure out how much to charge per ticket.
    • HOSPITALITY: Mike R. talked to Brady about hospitality. Brady has the big cooler of Bob L.’s. We’ll be getting that very soon. Brady will be making his famous chili.
    • PROGRAMMING/WEB: We discussed hosting personal email accounts on our website to pay for it. Not sure of the cost yet. Bob N. left message for Bill Wade – no response yet. Costuming panels need to be moved on the schedule. Bob N. needs a few more bios for/from pros.
    • VOLUNTEERS/OPS: Joy received the Cthulhu Cash back from Postnet. They’re rather home made looking but much better than last year for the price. Also, they would have been much better if we had wanted to spend $50 - $100 on them. We will first try Staples next year and see what they can do for us.
    • MEDIA RELATIONS: Utilikilt is not able to send us the free kilt, but possibly next year. Stephanie contacted the Independent and also sent them a blurb on the con.
    • MASQUERADE: nothing to report


  • Bob L. has called Samuel Delaney and emailed Steve Jackson again. So far we only have our artist for next year. We may need to rethink our guests of honor for next year.
  • We did more scheduling with Gene Mealey from Realms of Avalon.
  • We will be borrowing an LCD projector from someone and a screen from Joy’s parents.
  • We need to come up with random electrical stuff for Mike Conrad & Dragon’s panels. They also will need hand power tools and other supplies.
  • We need to create some posters or signs (some type of advertising) for next year’s attractions. (Video contest, Hall costume contest, Masquerade, etc.). We need to organize a “poster party” so many Concom members can be involved in building and creating these posters advertising MisCon 20, so the burden will not be put on one single person.
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