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  • $25 through April 31, 2005
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11/17/04 6 PM - 7 PM AT BARNES & NOBLE


  • Bob Norton, Will Hynes, Stephanie Berger. Joy Hunter, Nick Hunter, Mike Roe, Ed Decoste (from Helena), Reverend Lloyd & Clacy Olson (From Helena).


  • Any panel ideas need to be given to Bob Norton right away
  • Keep thinking of ideas for the theme of MisCon 20 (2006)
    • Possible Idea: "HOME COMING" - Ask previous guests to come back almost like a reunion of sorts


  • Fundraising for InCon
    • InCon is "going out of business"
    • Possibly give part or all of our art auction proceeds to them
    • Set up donation box at registration
  • Planning/organizing room parties before going to other cons to promote MisCon better
    • Radcon (Feb. 18th - 20th 2005)
  • Mike Conrad - Artist for 2005
    • Still unsure if we can use or find other pieces of his art for the website
  • T-shirts will be in full color this year.
  • Author/Screen Writer guests of honor will be Dragon and his wife (Mrs. Dragon?)
  • Community involvement:
    • Reading stories to kids at The Library once a month or whenever possible
    • Quarterly game fairs?
  • Badges:
    • We need to make decisions on color, category, stickers, etc.
    • Adult Full Weekend; One Day only/Child Full Weekend/Committee/Guests of Honor/Professionals
    • Over 21: how do we want to differentiate?
    • Do we want to put stickers on the badges for one day only with "I-'", "SA", "SU", "M" on them?
    • We have to think what will be best for a 4 day convention
  • Our laminator issues
    • Hopefully we won't have any this year :)
    • Note: we must remember to tell whoever is running registration at that moment to change the "sleeve" after so many laminations.
  • We need to submit more pictures to the artist.
    • Views of the valley & face of Mt. Sentinel
    • Digital camera or something
  • Merchant's letter
    • Sexually explicit items: how do we deal with the merchants who want to sell them at MisCon? Suggestions:
    • We could have the merchant display/sell his wares in the merchants room except the explicit items could be placed behind a partition/screen/curtain or something that would be equally as effective to block them from the under 18 con goers. we would have to stress to the merchant how important it is that they watch that area and who they are letting in to that space.
    • Or we could let the merchant sell part of his merchandise in the merchants room and they could sell the explicit items in their personal room (after the merchant room closes). We could put up signs and/or they could have flyers telling about the other and where to find it. (This also runs into another situation about the costs of the room and merchants tables.)
    • Or other options could be:
      • The Merchant sells all their merchandise in their private room.
      • Or: Merchant sells only appropriate items in the merchant room and none of their explicit items in either room.
      • Or: we could just not allow this merchant if they do not want to comply with the guidelines that we will set.
  • LAN set up:
    • Possible LAN host would be Ed Decoste
    • Discussed bringing server and four terminals
    • Additional hues will be available for people bringing their own systems
    • After the meeting attendees were going to Ruby's to see which room would best facilitate the LAN set up

CLOSING: After the meeting at Barnes & Noble attendees were to go to Ruby's to discuss more. I was not able to go. Hopefully I will have more to report about that after talking to Bob Lovely.

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