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Thursday, May 26, 2005 at Rubyís starting around 5:30 p.m. (Check at the front desk for location and any time changes the day of the workshop).

The workshop is free. There will be lots of costuming materials available, including accessories, clothing and fabric, most of it also free. In addition, there will be sources for costuming and masquerade ideas and help with the all-important presentation.

In past years, by the time convention goers had attended the costuming panel and thought about possibly entering the masquerade, there was not a lot of time left to come up with a character, costume and presentation. This workshop will give you a head start on both the hall costume contest and the masquerade both in time and materials.


If you think you might be there, or have questions, please contact me, Chris Blazer at masquerade@miscon.org. You donít have to pre-register. Just show up and join the fun when you can. Having an early head count will help me make sure I have enough stuff. If you canít make the Thursday night workshop and still want the information, check at the registration desk. I plan on having the materials available Friday and Saturday as well.

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