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  • $25 through April 31, 2005
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02/01/05 5:45 PM - 7 PM AT BARNES & NOBLE



  • Bob re-checked with the hotel, and re-emphasized the need to segregate the mundanes to outside the horseshoe.
  • Department reports:
    • ART: we received new art from our artist guest. Those at the meeting all got to see it. It is fantastic. The art will be finalized soon. Also will have the flier soon.
    • MERCHANTS: Invitations are going out as of today. Some merchants have already prepaid as of last year.
    • GAMING: Joe and Damon have been contacting some of the gaming companies to see if they will give up prizes and other support items. Joe is also working up a map for gaming, the merchant’s room and the art room.
    • WRITERS WORKSHOP: nothing to report
    • TREASURER: nothing to report
    • VIDEO: we must contact the video dept chair to make sure he still wants to be chair. Also need to ask if he is running Red vs. Blue. Also need to find out about programming for the video contest. Has it been posted/ advertised?
    • SECURITY: The next security meeting is Saturday Feb. 12 @ 1730. It will be held at Nick and Joy’s house on 804 Dakota Ave... W will discuss our Heat Gear order and the Utilakilt order at the meeting as well as set up certification of competency classes for baton carriers. Damon and Scott will meet Nick on Saturday @ 1200 and go investigate the police supply store across from Ace hardware. The hope is to find arm bands there that will say security, as well as find belts and duty jackets. There is also a question as to whether security should wear berets?
    • REGISTRATION: We are still unsure as to who is running registration this year. We need to find someone soon. Concom is to ask around for volunteers.
    • HOSPITALITY: nothing to report
    • PROGRAMMING/WEB: Lloyd has passed on info about costs for a DJ, dance floor, and spotlight. There is still some concern that attendance will be very poor if we do have a dance at MisCon this year. It was suggested that this could be offset if there is some advertising/fliers put out about it at RadCon/before the event. Bob N. e-mailed Chris blazer to confirm she will be running the masquerade. Also there was talk of adding Chris to the Concom list. Panel ideas: yes we need more!! Would prefer them to be related to the theme, but it is not necessary.
    • VOLUNTEERS/OPS: Need Cthulhu art for the Cthulhu cash.
    • MEDIA RELATIONS: Damon is officially helping Stephanie. All contact with any organization; it is to be known that we are a not for profit organization not a 501c3. Kevin Plasmir is our contact for Clear Channel radio. We also need to e-mail every paper to find out if we can get in the community calendar. Stephanie has already contacted the Independent.
  • Inter-con relations: if anyone who is attending RadCon volunteers please let them know that you are with MisCon’s Concom. We need to get the MisCon yard sale on the web if we are going to raise any money for InCon.
  • Department task checklists still need to be developed by all dept. chairs. Eventually Bob L. wants a notebook which will be like an “Operations Handbook”, organized and updated. It should outline everything that would ever be needed to run your dept.


  • RadCon room party: Budget/supplies. We have made a tentative plan to go “shopping” for what we will need to bring after the MisCon meeting the Wednesday before we leave for RadCon.
  • Some things we will need: supplies to make the Cthulhu Goo drink, green & purple streamers, balloons, signs, snacks, soft drinks. Bob L. brought up the idea of making MisFortune cookies with our own interesting fortunes inside them.
  • Paul Lawrence: Author/Screenwriter Guest has been confirmed.
  • 2006 ReunionCon Guests: The free “yes, for sure” guests will be Jerry Oltion, Patty Briggs, Kev, Robin Walker, C.J. Cherryh. The “probably” guests are Don Pedro Colley & David Gerrold. The “maybe” guests are Vonda McIntyre, Donna Barr (she may cost money), Fred Saberhagen & Tom Smith.
  • Community Involvement: Public Library, KUFM Radio, KUFM T.V.
  • Public Library needs volunteers to read to children on Saturdays. This would mean very good relations with the library.
  • KUFM Radio needs volunteers to answer the phones for their fundraiser (telethon). Dates are April 2 -10, they need 3 to 5 people for 2 hours.
  • KUFM T.V. – we’re trying to see if we can do a similar thing with them. There is a possibility that KECI may also be doing something like that also.
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