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05/04/05 5:45 PM - 7 PM AT BARNES & NOBLE



  • Meeting was called to order @ 6:10 p.m. by Bob L.
  • Minutes were accepted as written by all in attendance.
  • Department reports:
    • CONCHAIR: Notes are getting prepared for Jason who is the new Nathan (a.k.a. the new hotel manager at Ruby’s). We need to have a meeting with him to discuss room set up, etc. Possibly next week we will go there for weekly meeting. Bob L. spoke with Team Shirts (Scott). He said he will be starting to work on our shirts next Wednesday. We now have an email list for external use called “Tentacles”.
    • ART: We have Mark Ferrari’s artwork.
    • MERCHANTS: Swordmasters (John) finally contacted us and we will be receiving his money for two tables very soon.
    • GAMING: Scheduled the official Steve Jackson games. Support is coming from Steve Jackson again this year. Reaper guy is coming. He will be doing some painting contests, panels, Warlord games, etc.
    • WRITERS WORKSHOP: Sent manuscripts today. We are getting all set up to build the book (anthology) soon.
    • TREASURER: Need to set up a meeting time with John Drake for next week. Spent $59.99 on paper cutter. Bob L. paid $299.25 (which was not used to buy any plane tickets) back to MisCon. Early registrations are trickling in and Bob L. is depositing when he can. We received the bank statement on 5/2/05.
    • VIDEO: nothing to report
    • SECURITY: Bob L. created a MisCon Money Transfer Slip on his computer and is still working out the kinks and then he will print out another one for us to look at. There is a meeting this Saturday (5/7/05). Ear buds need to be discussed and also codes.
    • REGISTRATION: Matt B. is working on creating our badges. Will keep us posted.
    • HOSPITALITY: nothing to report
    • PROGRAMMING/WEB: We need Bill Wade to be contacted to ask about doing a panel or two.
    • VOLUNTEERS/OPS: nothing to report
    • MEDIA RELATIONS: Dropped off free passes to KGBA. Dropped off PSA to KGBA and KUFM. Bob L. has the 4 ups for Damon.
    • MASQUERADE: We need to check with Chris Blazer about prizes and other random Masquerade stuff. Find out what she has already, what she might need or what would be nice to have.


  • Gene Mealey of Realms of Avalon (Missoula Chapter) came to our meeting today to tell us he and his group are willing to come and do some panels, demos, have an info table and generally be involved in MisCon. The subject of peace bonding weapons was brought up. Nick H. decided it would be best if we had a member of our security team escort any member(s) of Realms of Avalon to their demos when they have non-peace bonded weapons. We discussed various other subjects like the question of free passes. Bob L. said it would be possible to give him a few free passes but not very many. He said that was fine and a lot of his members already expressed interest in coming to enjoy the con and purchasing passes for themselves. We are looking forward to Realms of Avalon attending and participating in MisCon.
  • We need to create some posters or signs (some type of advertising) for next year’s attractions. (Video contest, Hall costume contest, Masquerade, etc.)