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  • Meeting was called to order @ 6:12 p.m. by Bob L.
  • Minutes were accepted as written by all in attendance.
  • Department Reports:
    • CONCHAIR: Good hotel rapport. Guests left happy. They are all coming back (if they can). We paid the hotel. Jason and Bob L. are going to contract for next year. We paid $340 in tips to hotel staff. Bob, you know youíll always be con chair until you--know--who takes over.
    • ART: All art is shipped except Sandra Santara who is moving (waiting to get new address). All checks are written and sent except for Monique (we have no address for her). We did well at the art auction and show. Heidi will be art chair for next year again. We will be changing the room where the art show will be for next year.
    • MERCHANTS: Everything went well. Had good feedback from merchants. We will write up a better map for merchants next year and also tell them how our Cthulhu Cash works. Bob L. is still chair.
    • GAMING: Went pretty good. We had many scheduling changes. We need to do a lot more game fairs throughout the year (quarterly possibly at the game store - start with Muse first). We must try to get more manufacturing response for support. The LAN didnít have much. We need to try to get more computers and someone to take charge of it. Joe will talk to Underground Games to see about running LAN or the XBOX thing next year. Joe will still be chair for gaming.
    • WRITERS WORKSHOP: Two authors didnít show up. Some authors didnít know when they were scheduled. That information needs to be more available to them as well as concom. We received very good feedback.
    • TREASURER: John Drake is coming over the Bob L.ís house on Sat. to discuss. 2004 stuff doesnít make sense and it needs to be worked on. Money will be coming back from the hotel to us (we overpaid). Possibly $250 - $500 will be refunded to us. There were 125 room nights. We bought a calculator, paper and paid the t-shirt bill.
    • VIDEO: Jeff Roper is the new Video Chair. YEA!!!
    • SECURITY: Reports will be coming in from security staff. Will write up big report soon. Some parties got complaints. We are missing 2 arm bands (Damon has 1), 1 radio, 3 extension cords & 1 power strip. Things needed to make next year run smoother: extension cords, ear buds, radios, arm bands, batteries (not cheap ones - only Duracells), more notepads, pens, more security cameras, vhs tapes, digital camera, access to small desktop computer/printer, latex (or nitrile) gloves, & med kit (Nick brought personal one from home - didnít need it though, thank goodness). We had too many "one man teams" this year. For next year the plan is to have some volunteers for standard security and then team them up with an "elite" security team member. Earl Smith will be vice chair and Nick Hunter will be chair for the security department.
    • REGISTRATION: At least 300, possibly a lot more, we are unsure because the numbering got screwed up. We need to have registration situated back where we had it during MisCon 18 (in the hallway in front of merchantís room). We need to have t-shirts hung up where they will be more visible and easier to sell. We need to have a shelving unit set up near registration for items for sale and to make things more organized so registration wonít look like a chaotic mess next year.
    • HOSPITALITY: Biggest bug in the ear was prices. Prices will be higher next year, as for this year, we broke even. Approximately 60 tickets sold for the BBQ. We need to have more regular garbage pickup for hospitality.
    • PROGRAMMING/WEB: Matt Brugge will be doing the program book and scheduling for next year. There were scheduling conflicts with the BBQ. Jim Glass has requested that he do a science panel called "Whatís New In Science?". We need to have a broken down schedule by the room doors and a list of audio/video stuff or just equipment needed for certain panels next to the room doors also. T-shirt sign needed to be bigger. Bob N. has the receipts for ink for printers. We should probably put more pics on the website (i.e. pics of concom and scheduled guests). Bob N. will still be web chair and will help Matt if needed.
    • VOLUNTEERS/OPS: The con went very well. We had more willing volunteers then Iíve seen in years. Cthulhu Cash was well received not only by volunteers but also by merchants. Total -cash- done = $70.00. Idea for next year : for GMs who run 8 hours of games give them $5 - $10 of Cthulhu Cash. Joy will be chair but need to find a vice chair.
    • MEDIA RELATIONS: Stephanie is resigning. Damon is taking over full responsibility but may call on her occasionally for help or info. We need to advertise in the high schools and the newspapers sooner. Damon heard about the "non-profit day" at the mall but we have to actually be "non-profit" before we set up a booth or table there.
    • MASQUERADE: Masquerade went very well. It was a lot of fun and laughs for everyone involved. The hall costume contest went okay but not great. Need to advertise and seek out people more next year. We believe Chris will be chair again next year.


  • We need to brainstorm and come up with tons of ideas for next year very soon.
  • Department Responsibilities Documents need to be done now.
  • 501c3 - we need to inventory all of MisConís assets to get that going.
  • MisCon 20 - Artist: Frank Wu, Author: Jerry Oltion, Special/Media: Dragon, Special/Gaming: (maybe) Steve Jackson (?)
  • We need vice chairs for art, vol/ops, registration, and hospitality. We should post on the web that we need resumes for applicants for these positions sent to concom.
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