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09/07/05 6:00 PM - 6:40 PM AT BARNES & NOBLE

Bob Lovely, Matt Brugge, Bob Norton, Joe Taylor, Tyson McArthur, Scott Kane, Loretta Williams


  • Thank you to Joe Taylor who stepped in to take minutes in the temporary absence of the Secretary.
  • Meeting was called to order @ 6:00 p.m.
  • Minutes were accepted as written by all in attendance.
  • Department Reports:
    • CON CHAIR: We do not yet have a contract with the hotel. They have one ready and Bob Lovely is going to go to the hotel tomorrow. All rooms are set except for Art which should be using adjoining rooms if their location is appropriate. A group which represents other cons represented MisCon at CascadiaCon, this year’s NASFiC in Calgary. Right after MisCon is a con called ConComCon which teaches Con Coms how to run cons. We should try to get some people from MisCon to go next year. If our budget allows MisCon should help them go.
    • TREASURER: The bank will reimburse MisCon for half of the money lost when the checkbook was stolen (adding $587.00) to our account. When the bank sends the paperwork Bob Lovely will send letters to the Wal Marts and Orange Street Food Farm to try to recover the other half. If they refuse, Bob says he will pay the difference since he was carrying the checkbook when it was stolen. Loretta Williams needs to go to the bank with Bob to become a signatory as Treasurer Vice Chair. John and Loretta need to work on a financial history for MisCon and come up with proposed budgets for each department (chair) based on past expenses. Each Chair needs to submit a budget request to the Treasurer for their department.
    • MERCHANTS: Rate will raise from $45.00 per table to $50.00 per table next year to help defer the cost of running four days rather than three. This has already been discussed with the merchants and there were no complaints. Bob Lovely will send out the merchant invitation letters 1 January 2006.
    • WRITERS’ WORKSHOP: The word count for submissions has been increased to 7,000. Anthologies will increase in price from $12.00 to $20.00 to help defray their cost. Loretta suggested sending information on the workshop to Loyola. Bob Lovely said he would get information to them.
    • PROGRAM BOOK/FLIERS: Matt will be responsible for both the Program Book and fliers for MisCon 20. Matt plans to make less generic fliers this year. He wants to tailor them to target audiences (i.e. emphasize the Writers’ Workshop in fliers for the library). Matt also wants to make the fliers less ‘centered’. He wants them to look less like ‘fliers’ and more like ads. We may use Frank Wu’s art on our fliers. We are looking at the viability of printing the Program Book ourselves. If we share the effort among several printers it should reduce wear and tear on printers and speed up production. Printing ourselves would also give us more control over how many Program Books we print, allowing us to print on demand, and avoiding excessive extras. Once we have the Program Book formatted we could even offer the option of having it on CD. The biggest cost would be ink. The con will reimburse people for ink. Bob Norton needs to be reimbursed for ink used for last years Program Book. We need to look at the cost of paper folders.
    • ART: Tyson offered to make a quilt out of some old MisCon tee shirts for auction at next year’s con. He would use one shirt from each of the MisCon’s 2000 to 2005 (possibly leaving a space for 2006). We thought it was a good idea.
    • HOSPITALITY: Scott suggested borrowing some electric skillets and making more breakfast like breakfast in Hospitality. There was some concern that this might conflict with the hotels free breakfast, although this is only for guest with rooms. We need to check with the hotel and have Scott and Mike talk about this idea.
    • GAMING: The County of Urnst Triad has offered MisCon more RPGA support. Joe is going to check with them about a regional membership list that we could contact to get more interest in RPGA events at the con. Bob Lovely will ‘remind’ Joe to get going on the Game Faires.
    • SECURITY: MisCon Security will be going to the next RadCon, in The Tri Cities Washington, in Feb to help out. Anyone planning to go to another con should contact Bob Lovely, especially if you’re planning to volunteer. MisCon may have promotional material to send to the con and we would like credit for work done by MisCon people for other cons too help our relationship with other cons.
    • WEBSITE: Bob Norton says we need to pay next years fees for the website next month, $60.00 for the year. MisCon needs to reimburse Bob Norton $16.00 for website related expenses. Chairs should bet Bob Norton current information for their pages on the MisCon website.


  • Finally, we need ideas for MisCon 21 in 2007. ‘We’re now legal con’?
  • Adjourned 1825 Hours.
  • Minutes submitted by Joe Taylor since the Secretary was unable to attend.
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