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MisCon 20 Gaming Survey 2 Results
Block Scheduling The votes were very close on scheduling. What I plan to do is use block scheduling, but allow GMís to schedule their events outside of the blocks if itís more convenient.
Please vote for the block you like. Note that while RPGA events are now five hours, we do not usually have that many RPGA events. Also very few people seem to show up for the early morning events.
The blocks Iím considering are:
9AM-2PM, 2PM-7PM, 7PM-Midnight: 3
10AM-3PM, 3PM-8PM,8PM-1AM: 3
8AM-Noon, Noon-4PM, 4PM-8PM, 8PM-Midnight: 3
9AM-1PM, 1PM-5PM, 5PM-9PM, 9PM-1AM: 3
10AM-2PM, 2PM-6PM, 6PM-10PM, 10PM-2AM: 4
8AM-Noon, 1PM-5PM, 6PM-10PM, 10PM-2AM: 2
RPGA Gaming Events On the subject of RPGA events: RPGA has supported MisCon from the beginning, but there has been very little turn out for their events in the last few years. Should we have RPGA events at MisCon 20? Remember, RPGA has non-DD3.5 events as well.
Yes, I come to the con for the RPGA events: 1
Yes: 4
No Opinion: 7
No: 2
Yes, but get some non-DD3.5 events: 4
Yes, but non-DD3.5 events only: 0