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Off-line Contact Information:

P.O. Box 7721
Missoula, MT 59807
(406) 544-7083

Membership Rates:

  • $25 through April 31, 2006
  • $30 after
    May 1, 2006

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Update 05/25
  • SHOW TIME IS 10:00 PM
  • Pay for your ticket at Registration.
Update 05/21
  • 49 People have expressed interest. Ticket prices will be $5.50.
  • If you need a ride or can give someone else a ride, email webmaster and the list will be posted here and updated daily.

We are planning to make a block of seats available to MisCon attendees at the Missoula Carmike Cinema 10 for a showing of the premier of X Men 3 on Friday the 26th of May, 2006, the first day of the convention.

If you are interested send contact info and the number of tickets you will purchase to CthulhuBob.

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