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Trivia Contest Winners
Trivia Contest Congratulations to Carol Young and Dean Keith! They will receive free admission to MisCon 22 and this year's full color t-shirt (please email with your t-shirt size). Winners were drawn randomly from all entries containing these correct answers:

The eight people who answered all 6 questions correctly are: Cindee Jessop, Carol Young, Ben Rasley, Dean Keith, McHenry Keith, Justin Farrington, David Smith, and Adrienne Keith.

Fundraising Fun
Car Wash May 10, 2008

MisCon's 3rd Annual Car Wash was Saturday, May 10th at Ruby's Inn.

Thank you for your generous donations!

We'll be back next year in late April or early May.

MisCon 22 Schedule (Updated May 4)
MisCon 22 Schedule

Of course this is still a work in progress. Check back for updates.

Discount Movie Tickets
Narnia 2

Sneak into the back of MisCon's wardrobe and emerge in the wondrous land of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Please contact CthulhuBob at and tell him how many tickets you wish, at $6.00 each, to the 11 PM showing on Friday the 23rd of May, of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Prize Support & Auction Items
Costume Pieces Costume Pieces

This year's Costume Contest will be the only place to win the six foam latex appliances shown on the left.

The helmet, worn in both Starship Troopers and Firefly, will be auctioned at a time and place to be announced.

We have an autographed Darth Maul photo, Fight Club soap, and a mystery called a "geek basket". More images are available in the MisCon 22 Photo Gallery.

Author Guest Margaret H. Bonham
Maggie Bonham Maggie's Home Page
Artist Guest William Warren
William Warren

Bill has a new home page! To quote:

THE PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION! I don't have a "feedback" link or online store yet, still working out the finer points, but there is a small gallery and a glossary I hope you'll find entertaining and news on my latest (and most significant project), the reliquary for Frank Gasperik.

And I will *NOT* apologize for the name for the page:

Gaming Guest Keith Baker
Keith Baker Keith's Home Page
Room Parties
Room Party If you plan to hold a room party at MisCon 22, please post on the Room Party Registration forum. We want to make sure your party is centrally located and does not receive noise complaints, but there are a small number of rooms available each evening.

Note that forum posting requires sign up using a valid email address and account activation. This helps prevent spam.

MisCon 22 Hotel
Map Not sure how to find Ruby's Inn? Follow the link to google maps.
MisCon's Adopted Highway
Adopt a Highway

The next clean up is scheduled for June 7, 2008.

Our section of highway is also known as Stephens Avenue, beginning here near the Brooks & Stephens intersection, extending North along Orange Street to I-90. If you are interested in helping or want more information, call 406-544-7083.

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