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ConCom Meetings

Convention Committee


"CthulhuBob" Lovely
Email: chair@miscon.org

Vice Chair Marc Johnson chair@miscon.org

Department Chair Vice Chair Email

Art Forrest Leder Volunteer Needed art@miscon.org
Gaming Joe Taylor Stewart Fleming gamechair@miscon.org
Hospitality Marc Johnson Volunteer Needed hospitality@miscon.org
Costume Pageant Catherine Davenport Chris Blazer masquerade@miscon.org
Marketing CthulhuBob Lovely Volunteer Needed media@miscon.org
Merchants CthulhuBob Lovely Marc Johnson merchants@miscon.org
Operations Justin Barba Volunteer Needed ops@miscon.org
Programming Ann Peters Mike Briggs program@miscon.org
Program Book Damon Sebestin James McGahee probook@miscon.org
Registration Laura Schneider,
Lisa-Inez Williams
Volunteers Needed register@miscon.org
Secretary Joy Hunter Volunteer Needed secretary@miscon.org
Security Nick Hunter Reid Jones & Earl Smith security@miscon.org
Treasurer Marc Johnson Catherine Davenport treasurer@miscon.org
Video James McGahee Catherine Davenport video@miscon.org
Volunteers Joy Hunter Volunteer Needed volunteer@miscon.org
Web Site Bob Norton Volunteer Needed webmaster@miscon.org
Writer's Workshop Catherine Davenport Justin Barba writers@miscon.org




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