One Night in Graywall The Last War is over, but you and your comrades still have unfinished business to attend to. Duty has brought you to Graywall, city of monsters; with luck, you'll live to see the morning. This is an Eberron adventure using the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules; characters will be provided, and necessary rules will be taught.

Tribulation in Branchwood
A pleasant night's barfight is interrupted by a horrible premonition -- a young girl's life is in peril. Can our heroes manage to save her? Does she even want to be saved? And what will her father say when he finds out?

Amber Throne War LARP

The King Is Dead! Long Live The King!

Your father (or grandfather, as the case may be), the King of Amber (and the sole barrier holding off the forces of Chaos) has died. This wouldn't such an issue if succession was clear. Unfortunately, part of the nature of the late King, and of Amber and Amberites in general, means that you have no clear path of succession. Who's actually the oldest? Who's actually legitimate?

On top of this, there is the question of appropriateness. Your new king needs to be someone strong enough to hold off the forces of Chaos. Well, that probably really isn't a problem, but who can you trust besides yourself?

Really, ALL the other Amberites are undeserving, pretentious, self-serving, arrogant, incompetent scum, so it's clear that the throne is yours. Really, now, would dear old dad have meant for anyone like that to take the throne on his demise? Since you're the only member of the family with a grain of common sense or human decency (well, at least Amberite decency), it's obvious you were meant to be the successor. The throne is yours - if you can take it!

You need to push, pull, bribe, fight, outwit, deceive, align, surpass, kill, or whatever else it takes, to get the badges of office and get yourself coronated before one of your blood relatives defiles the throne with his or her filthy person. Remember, they're as tough or tougher than you, as cunning or more cunning than you, as fast, or faster, than you, and they all have this internal drive to seize power and rule over the universe that you do.

EXP-7 Nightfall on Sorrowdusk
Recent events have resulted in the uncanny gathering of operatives from all four factions on the bleak Sorrowdusk Isle. Fortunately, higher elements in one of the factions has been able to uncover the true mastermind behind the attack on Stormreach. Unfortunately, that villainís lair lies hidden deep beneath the sea. The factions join together to retrieved a wrecked undersea ship called an Elemental Kraken from the sea floor and launch a full assault on their mutual enemy's formerly impregnable fortress.

CSH-10 Thirst for Blood and Stone

A Cabal of Shadows faction adventure.

The Cabal seeks to restore their allies in the Hand of Stalwart and raise an army of cloud giants to be used against the growing pirate threat. The first step will be to overcome the madness that affects them, and for that the Children of Xoriat have stepped forward with a ritual requiring the hearts of four individuals tied to the elements. You are sent to claim the first.

CVN-10 Fate, Interrupted

A Covenant of Light faction adventure.

Lady Savya, a diviner in Stormreach, is held in great regard by many of its most affluent citizens. Her predictions are considered by most to be iron-clad truth, visions of a guaranteed future. When Lady Savya informs one of her patrons that she sees 'The Gathering of the Light' falling into darkness with all those who hold it sacred, her word is enough to convince him to sever all ties with the Covenant. Now others are canceling their support as well. If the Covenant of Light cannot discover why their fate has become so cruelly interrupted, the Lady's prophecy may become self-fulfilled.

Hegemon Rising: Inauguration

GURPS 4th Edition (Modern)

The world is changing. Benjamin Walker, the first African-American to be elected President of the United States is to be inaugurated in January, but an insidious, white supremecy terrorist group has threatened that no minority will ever hold the office. The government has stated that precautions have been taken. So who has the power? The government, or normal people with terrible secrets?

Escape from Torgenau

Traveller (Classic)

The party has been hired to secure the release of an important executive from the notorious Torgenau prison. The local government has adopted a hard line against off-worlders and negotiation have failed. The party will have to infiltrate onto the planet, enter and extract the prisoner, and make it back to the starport with their rescuee. If captured, the party members can expect little or no help from outside. The Patron is offering Cr10,000 success only.

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