To Steal a Shadow

This adventure is a continuation of The Lady and the Iron Cage from Miscon 2007. Players that played in the 2007 event will have precedence over any new players for slots in this game. Slots not claimed will open up one hour prior to game time. The Witch Queen has called her heros to her, for a task that may bring the gods of light back to the dark land of Midnight. She lays the first task upon them - to steal a piece of the dark god himself and return it to her. And to do this without the darkness finding them. No one ever said she was reasonable. After all - the land needs heros, not whiners. This is a D&D 3.5 adventure for Miscon 2008 set in the world of Midnight (1st Edition). It is for six players of 9th level. Pre-generated characters provided but negotiable. Surviving characters will be invited to the third part of the story in 2009.

Dark Day Rising

Morning dawns on the small village of Trean to ash and smoke. That smell of blood and smoke is witnessed by the six survivors of the goblin raid that has left their livelihoods and families destroyed. But with the thought of their families and loved ones in the hands of the Gargun, they gather the clubs, pitchforks and axes from the land and with little hope in their eyes, they track the Gargun back to their lair. Someone has to save the women. And you are the only ones left. Dark Day Rising is a low-fantasy, gritty and mature adventure for six players set in the fantasy world of Harn, using the Harnmaster role-playing system by Columbia Games. It will be played at Miscon 2008.

The Emperor's Ball

The decadent Emperor of Montaigne has decided to throw one of the grandest parties ever. And he even heard of these parties in Voddacce where everyone wears a mask and he thought that would be so much fun. So, he invited everyone from everywhere to come to his palace and dance, and drink, and. . .well, whatever else. What political intrigues will there be behind the scenes? Will the estranged Empress survive the evening and the Emperor's quest for a male heir? What alliances will be made and broken? And what will everybody wear? That's right - Montaigne is the center for decadence and fashion in the world of 7th Sea, and at the Emperor's Ball you will have to chance to showcase your skills (and, if desired your fashion) while navigating through the maze intrigue. And unlike the previous Blackshield Live-action games, you get to build your own character. Come play a wayward Pirate, a rich merchant, a noble lady, a duelist, or one of the many strange sorcerers that inhabit 7th Sea - the mysterious fate witches, the runemasters, or Montaigne's own porte sorcerers who can bend time and space. And have a Ball. The Emperor's Ball is a Live Action Game for as many people as show up and want to play. Character creation will be simple and easy and will allow you to slip easily into the brewing plot. This will be played at Miscon 2008.

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