MisCon 22 Schedule

Date Time Board Room Program A Program B Fireside Picnic Area
Friday 01:00 PM   MisCon Rummage Sale      
  02:00 PM   Costume Exchange    
  03:00 PM   Game Book Exchange    
  04:00 PM   Gaming Panel I Gizmo Make & Take    
  05:00 PM        
  06:00 PM     Oops!    
  07:00 PM   Opening Ceremonies      
  08:00 PM     Meet Maggie B.    
  09:00 PM   Volunteer Orientation Meet Keith B.    
  10:00 PM CthulhuBob Reading   Meet Bill W.    
  11:00 PM   Anime Music Video      
  12:00 AM        
Saturday 10:00 AM Jane Fancher Reading Gaming Panel 2 Running Fan Sites    
  11:00 AM Parris ja Young Reading Gaming Panel 3 WWCD?    
  12:00 PM Jim Glass Reading From Black and White SF / Academe    
  01:00 PM Maggie Bonham Reading What was I thinking? Guns for Authors    
  02:00 PM C.J Cherryh Reading Costuming on a Budget Copyright    
  03:00 PM MJ Engh Reading Sketch my Story Dragon Show I    
  04:00 PM Christine Morgan Reading Green Energy    
  05:00 PM Patty Briggs Reading Drumming Art for a living    
  06:00 PM   Intro to Belly Dance Podcasting S.F. Jeopardy  
  07:00 PM   Costume Contest Prep. Scene Stealers  
  08:00 PM   Costume Contest Dating a Vampire    
  09:00 PM   Anarchy Scavenger Hunt    
  10:00 PM     Pin Up Covers Filk  
  11:00 PM        
Sunday 10:00 AM   Tribal Belly Dance Dear Abby 2108    
  11:00 AM Writer's Workshop Gaming Panel 4 Guerilla Marketing    
  12:00 PM Tribal Belly Dance Zero Point    
  01:00 PM Dragon Show 2 What's New in Science?    
  02:00 PM Diana Francis Reading Concealed Carry for Authors    
  03:00 PM Vickie Mitchell Reading Historical Costuming Daddy's Comics   Barbeque & SCA Demo
  04:00 PM Justin StanchField Reading Video Festival Art of Editing  
  05:00 PM Josh Wagner Reading The Multi-Book Series  
  06:00 PM     Him, Her or Me?  
  07:00 PM   Art Auction Filk on Demand    
  08:00 PM   Mary Sue Litmus Test    
  09:00 PM   25 Skills    
  10:00 PM       Filk  
  11:00 PM        
Monday 10:00 AM   The minimalists Art Box Blogging    
  11:00 AM   Gaming Panel 5 Creative Commons    
  12:00 PM   Screen Plays Genre Bending    
  01:00 PM   Digital Pirates! Author's Whine and Cheese    
  02:00 PM   But will it Blend? Silver Bullets    
  03:00 PM   Closing Ceremonies      

Panel Descriptions

1 25 Skills 25 Skills You Need to Survive on The Forbidden Planet: Each panelist will bring their own list of what skills and tools they think they would need for a hostile alien landscape, and explain why they brought each item.
2 Anarchy Scavenger Hunt In a normal scavenger hunt you're given a list of junk to find. In this variant, you bring your own bag of junk, then try to convince the judges that your blowdryer is a Denebian Sand Worm Blaster (or whatever else they've asked for). Extra points for great role playing and bribery of the judges is encouraged.
3 Anime Music Video See your favorite anime set to music, with dubbed video. It's crazy, it's hillarious, it's fun! Some clips may have mature themes, so the kiddes should probably go elsewhere . . .
4 Art for a Living Painting and Writing for a Living: life in the trenches. Ahh, the life of an artist. No boss, no schedule, no office politics, just a quiet studio and the pure joy of creation. Birds singing in the background, and beautiful sunlight streams the windows of your country estate. . . That's the myth, can you handle the reality? Better find out before you have that "little chat" with your boss.
5 Art of Editing The art of editing: Spinning straw into gold, or at least usable twine. Editing is often viewed a chore, the janitorial work following the creative party. Furthermore, it's scary. The story (mostly) works, why chance breaking something? Done correctly, editing may be the most important phase of writing; it's where good books become great books. Come get some tips on making editing an enjoyable creative activity, while making your book shine.
6 Author's Whine and Cheese What's new in the publishing world? Wild gossip, speculation, markets, trends, heresay and anecdotes.
7 Blogging Blogging: Ego Boo or Fan Outreach. Is this a cathartic mode of self expression? A valuable marketing tool? An insidius waster of valuable time? Blogs are becoming more common, and the hype is flying. We have folks who've taken the plunge, and they'll give you the straight dope.
8 But Will it Blend? Ok, nerd reference aside, what is the role of digital manipulation in modern art?
9 Closing Ceremonies Come help us officially stick a fork in it, it's done!
10 Concealed Carry for Authors Can you really hide a cannon in your speedo? Macho characters like big guns, but will that Desert Eagle really fit in an ankle holster? If you've got a heroine wearing a silk blouse and heels, what can she realistically carry, and where?
11 Copyright The Nature of Copyright: A must-be-there for wannabe writers; authors will discuss the often tricky nature of the little legal beasties and share important heads-up information.
12 Costume Exchange Got Spock Ears, but need a Klingon Forehead? Does your swash need a buckle? Come trade bits with other costume buffs.
13 Costuming On a Budget That hollywood-quality Scarlet O'Hara dress is stunning, for a cool grand. The Darth Vader gear is twice that. What about those of us without trust funds? Our experts will show you how to look fabulous on a budget.
14 Creatuve Commons An increasing amount of material is being released under the creative commons family of liscenses. So, what is this all about? Is it a refuge from copyright hell, or just a modern hippie statement?
15 CthulhuBob Reading C-Bob Midnight Readings
16 Daddy's Comics Not your Daddy's Comics. The graphic novel is gaining in popularity with readers of all ages. What's the difference between the modern graphic novel and the comic book of years past?
17 Dating a Vampire Heartthrob or Happy Meal? What's the big deal about dating a dead guy?
18 Dear Abby 2108 Advice for the Etiquette-Challenged in next century's complex world of technology and assorted Sentient Beings from differing cultures: "Dear Abby: I accidentally started an interstellar war. Oops! How can I politely let party guests arriving next week know they should bring hazmat attire for dining in?"
19 Digital Pirates Plundering the internet. If you build it, they will come. Then they'll plunder your hard work and set it adrift on the digital seas for free. Free advertising or dirty thieves, and what can an artist do about it?
20 Dragon Show Dragon Dronet is larger than life, and has one of the coolest jobs in the world. He builds stuff for movies. Not just any stuff, really COOL stuff. When you see amazing armor, fantastic space ships, or whiz-bang weapons on the silver screen, you can bet Dragon was involved.
21 Drumming Dumming for Drummies: Come whack a dead goat . . . er, play a traditional drum with us.
22 Energy Crisis The 70's are back with a vengence. Gas is tickling $4.00 a gallon, electric is up, hydroelectric is under attack, and the world's energy demands continue to rise. Oh yeah, and there's that global warming thing too. Is there any good news on the horizon?
23 Filk on Demand Audience members will work with Mike and Patty Briggs to make a MisCon original filk song.
24 From Black and White Graphic novels are becoming increasingly popular, and they need great stories. Increasingly, authors who work in the traditional world of text are being asked to help transform their stories into this new format. Explore the facinating process of turning a black and white story into a full-color graphic masterpiece.
25 Fur or Fang? Werewolves vs. Vampires: What's the attraction? And who's REALLY tougher, Underworld aside? And why are there stuffed bears and cats and dogs, but no stuffed werewolves? Are they victims of discrimination? Do they have legal recourse in today's society?
26 Game Book Exchange You're all set to game the weekend away, but you need that "Thieves Supplement version 2.5" for your favorite RPG? Got a spare "Monster Manual" in your bag? Come swap gaming books, dice and accutrements.
27 Genre Bending Urban Fantasy -- Erasing the Genres: Supernatural romances are the hottest of the hot in today's best seller lists -- why is it? And how can we get in on it?!
28 Gizmo Make and Take Junkyard wars meets science fiction. We'll provide a bunch of bits and snips, as well as some general adhesives. You get to make something cool and take it home with you. '
29 Green Energy From solar to methane plants to biodiesel, everyone suddenly wants to be green. Is there really free energy all around, or are we being lied to yet again? Come ask our experts.
30 Guns for Authors Did your hero just thumb the safety on his Glock? Decock his 1911? Make a 300-yard shot with a .45? What's the difference between an assault weapon and a hunting rifle? We'll have experts on hand to answer all your questions, so the next time your character reaches into his holster you can be confident that what happens next actually makes sense.
31 Guerrilla Marketing Guerrilla Marketing for Authors: Can you launch your own career? How much is too much? Are there any ethics involved? Which techniques work, and how much do they cost?
32 Him, Her or Me. The role of viewpoint in storytelling, and the tradeoffs involved in choosing one. This is one of those huge decisions that many authors make blindly -- but we'll fix that for you.
33 Historical Costuming So, you want to dress like a sixteenth-century noble. Where do you get patterns for days gone by. How can you find appropriate cloth and fasteners? Even more importantly, can you put velcro behind all those tiny little buttons?
34 Intro to Belly Dance A brief introduction to the art of belly dance, with practical, professional instruction.
35 Kid Costume Kid Panel (Gail Glass?): Kids will learn how to utilize ordinary items and purloin cool things from their parent's wardrobes to make masks and hall costumes (need to ask C-Bob about materials)
36 Mary Sue Litmus Test What is a "Mary Sue" and Do I Want One? Come take the Mary Sue Litmus Test and find out what this term really means. You'll learn how to avoid the Mary Sue traps, and discuss particularly funny ones. Are there good Mary Sues? Sure; we'll talk about them, too, …but you won't find out what they are until you come chat with us!
37 Meet Bill W. Meet our favorite artist GOH, Bill Warren.
38 Meet Keith B. Enjoy the company of the illustrious Keith Baker, gamer GOH!
39 Meet Maggie B. Spend an hour getting to know Margaret Bonham, our author guest of honor.
40 MisCon Rummage Sale The annual fund raiser for MisCon. People give us really cool stuff, which we sell to you. Looking for a Yoda plushie, a series I phaser or a flux capacitor for your Delorian? This would be the place to look.
41 Oops Worst Blooper in a Book: A priest sitting in the sin or the sun? A statue naked from the waste down? Authors and fans will share harrowing tales of editorial blunders and grammatical catastrophes.
42 Opening Ceremonies Get the convention started on the right foot, attend opening ceremonies. Meet the guests, see CthulhuBob wearing shoes, and have an appetizer of humor to kick things off.
43 Pin Up Covers There's a Bimbo on the cover of your book. Or a guy who apparently thinks dress for success means nude. What's going on with this risque cover art, and more importantly, how will it affect sales. Strike that, more importantly, how will you explain it to your mother?
44 Podcasting All the world's a stage, and you've got the microphone. It's blogging with sound. What now? Podcasting can be an effective marketing tool or a chance for you to make a babbling idiot of yourself. How does it work, and why should you care?
45 Running Fan Sites There's a lot of hype about harnessing the enthusiasm of the masses, but not much practical instruction. Whether you want to create a promotional site for your own work, or gather all the fans of Robert Staneck together, there are some common challenges to running a fan site. Skirting copyright, dealing with problem characters, and making an attractive, effective site takes a certain amount of planning. Talk to some real nerds with time in the trenches and get some practical answers to your questions.
46 Scene Stealers Minor characters who try to upstage the major players, and tips for dealing with these cheeky fellows.
47 Screen Plays Sure you could write an ordinary book, but the real money is in writing for the movies. Warm weather, beatiful women, fame and fortune await, just as soon as you can figure out how to write a screen play.
48 SF/Academe The ivory towers and fandom are not entirely orthagonal, and their intersection is a complex system and poorly understood. However, we have some experts who can tread the hallowed halls with aplomb, and frag your orcish horde with giddy abandon. You might find that your stodgy professor is trying to publish a paper on the intricacies of multivariate probability as applied weapon selection in D&C, or the impacts of micro-economic factors on gold farming in WOW.
49 Silver Bullets The phrase "Silver Bullet" is used to describe the easy solution. However, it turns out that the phrases' namesake may be surprisingly difficult. What happens if the average redneck tries to build a silver bullet using the same equipment he uses for his lead bullet casting? We'll also show some examples of casting real silver bullets, just in case you have a werewolf problem.
50 Sketch My Story Artists formal sketch to accompany a short story.
51 The Minimalists Art Box. Art supplies can be amazingly expensive, which may be why artists are frequetly depicted as starving. So, what supplies are essential to good art? Do I need a gold-embossed Bill Warren special edition brush made from the eyelash hairs of an endangered species to paint like Bill?
52 The Multi-Book Series Stories in multiple volumes. Todays authors seem to have lost the art of the tidy ending. From hollywood to your local bookstore, the stories are growing. Why, and what challenges does this present for authors?
53 Tribal Belly Dance Tribal Belly Dancing 101: Taught by (the Sometimes Evil) LuLu of the Sultana Dancers, this is an introduction to the style of belly dance originated in California called Tribal; in this two hour workshop you'll learn a simple, full choreography. It's for all ages, body types and genders. Honest!
54 Video Festival Coinciding with the Barbeque is a chance to sit down and enjoy the MisCon Video Festival, and vote for your favorites.
55 Volunteer Orientation Come meet with Joy, and figure out what you're up to. This meeting will immediately follow Opening Ceremonies, whenever it's done.
56 What Was I Thinking? What was I thinking? Bring your favorite prints and covers, and Bill Warren will wax eloquent on the details of their creation.
57 What's New in Science? What's new in Science? The scope of human knowledge continues to advance, though it gets little attention from the press. Jim Glass, author and physicist will attempt to summarize some of the most exciting developments in terms the rest of us can understand.
58 WWCD What Would Cthulhu Do? Life is full of little problems. The neighbor's dog poops in your hydrangia, your boss is treating you like a slave, and those darn missionaries are at the door again. We've been conditioned to appease, tolerate and endure. But, if you didn't HAVE to be good, you might ask yourself, "What would Cthulhu Do?"
59 Zero Point The zero-point field and paranormal phenomena. Maybe those wackos who believe in ghosts and spirits aren't entirely off base. . .
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