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02/25/09 7:02 P.M. – 8:33 P.M.

MisCon Minutes
February 25, 2009

Chair: Bob Lovely
Acting Secretary: Joe Taylor
Attending: John Bromley, William Mattross & Guest, Bob Norton, Catherine Davenport & Child, Stewart Fleming, Sherrill Brown, James McGahee, Dan Lehn, Justin Barba and Ben Cory.

RadCon stories, for those who were present.

Called to order 19:02 hours.

85 days until MisCon 23.

MisCon listed by Irwin Straus. Info correct,

We received the Hotel contract in the mail today. Basically the same as last year. No price raise.
$900.00 per night, $2700.00 for the space.
Every 50 sleeping room nights we get reduces the cost by $200.00 per night!
Attendee room cost is $75.00/85.00/90.00.
Cthulhu Bob will send ConCom an email with room usage.
Gaming, 159 and 160.
Hospitality, 134 and 135, with some video playing in one.
Video, 161, with video panels as well.
Small Programming, 162
All four party rooms are full; Seth McClain in 259, Sandbaggers in 260, RadCon in 261 and SpoCon in 262.

Spielknights have requested an Illuminati clue for their tee shirts. Cthulhu Bob will get them something.

John Kovalic should have the art done next week!
He was fine with the pictures we sent him.
Cthulhu Bob verified that he is giving the art to MisCon.

James suggested running some video in the second Hospitality room.
He suggested playing TV episodes (Star Trek, Dr Who, etc) since they are shorter.
The consensus was that this was a good idea.

Fireside will be used for various activities; readings, impromptu panels, etc, but not vidios.

Christian T Peterson of Fantasy Flight Games (which produces tons of good games) was suggested as a future Gaming GOH.
It was pointed out that we have had Gaming Guest as Media Guest for the past two years.
Next year’s Media Guest is not a Gaming Guest though.
Other guest suggestions were:
Rachel Meed, Scorpio, Vampire Academy;
Scott Westerfield, a young adult author, on book four of his ‘trilogy’;
and Simon R. Green, British author. Cost of bringing him from England would be prohibitive, but we may be able to catch him on a circuit. Cat thinks she may able to get cheap tickets.

RadCon had 1,800 guests on the 1st day, which means it has it’s highest attendance ever.
Cthulhu Bob thinks they may be in the same hotel again next year.
MisCon’s RadCon room party did not cover cost of visit, but we did raise awareness of MisCon.
More people may be coming to MisCon who have not come before
Some new merchants might also be interested, including Firefox Leather and Fur (who apparently liked Reid).
Zombie Tools had plenty of good words for us to the other merchants.

Forrest has everything ready to sent to the artists.
It should be sent by Wed 25th or Thurs 26th.

We will have art from Teresa Mather.

We have a check from Pros in Steel. Jess will still be using his own room, 144.
He still pays for a table.
His people are compted in as Pros, for the domos they do.

Betsy Mot has paid.

Hopefully other soon.

Cthulhu Bob will be sending out emails.

James may be running ‘Grim’ at MisCon 23.

Greg Schneider has cancelled his LARP, but will be getting us leads on two more.

Joe talked to Chris Snell about Warhammer. They agreed that the best option would be a free for all scenario, until we can draw more regular players.
RadCon had about twenty Warhammer players.
Joe will also set up a site table for one on one matches.

We may have Anime and LAN rooms this year, but would like MisCon to pay for the rooms.
John will check the budget and get back to us next week on whether we can afford more rooms.

The Gaming Budget has been approved.

Tim Morgan will be the rep for SJ Games’ MIB this year instead of Cthulhu Bob.

Writer’s Workshop
Justin is now maintaining the Writer’s Workshop web page.
He has been doing updates and added several links.
Justin has received several emails from interested writers.

We have received a submission, but it is in the wrong format. Justin will contact the writer.

We still need ideas about where to post information about our Writer’s Workshop.
Most of the sites Justin found are either for pro’s or are not regional.
At the moment he feels we should be getting sufficient submissions.

It was asked if we should offer more incentive to attract submissions.
It was pointed out that the Writer’s Workshop is not a contest.
The consensus was that the Authors’ critique was sufficient.

Having publisher Pros and GOH was suggested.
RadCon had lots of writers and publishers.

Friday night at the con will have a Writer’s Workshop meet and greet. This will allow writers to recognize one another and hopefully have contact beyond the workshop itself.

Bill for the printer has been paid to this date.

Badge holders paid for and on way from 4Imprint.com.

RadCon expenses taken care of.

Dan Lehn is officially Video Vice Chair.
Dan will focus on the Film Festival.
We have received a horror submission from Canada, which brings us to three submissions.

James told us that if we see a short film we like on the net to email the film’s director asking them to contact our Video Chair at miscon.org/video.

As discussed earlier, we will be running some video in the second hospitality room.
Another suggestion was to run last year’s Film Festival winner on a loop.

SpielKnights want ok to film panels and post them on YouTube.
James pointed out that we would need authorization from the panelist.
He said they could get authorization in writing, on film or even before witnesses.
Cthulhu Bob said his preferred method would be for the panelists to introduce the video by saying “I’m so and so, hosting such panel at MisCon, and I consent to this film being played.”

James plans to make the video room look more like a theater.

James has been disapproved for vacation time for the con, but things should still run smoothly.
Everything should be set up ahead of time and his Vice Chair Dan will be present.

ConCom will watch videos to determine which should be in the film festival.
Chosen films will be shown together. When?
Films not chosen for the Film Festival will still be shown in the main video room.

James will look at Cthulhu Bob’s film assessment form.

Should the Media guest help judge the Film Festival?

Not present, but Security has held a meeting.
We will probably have fewer people on the Squid Squad, but more Mooks.
Things should go smoothly.

Pre-registration form now on website. Where?

ConCom needs to email reg@miscon.org with names and badge names.

Lisa was waiting on RadCon to get her info on where they got the colored perforated paper.
Cthulhu Bob called RadCon and found out that the got it from Kinkos.
Kinkos has proved to be too expensive in the past.
Lisa will check with Doug at Missoula Copy Center to see if they can get us the paper at a reasonable price.

Mooks who donate 24+ hours time will have their memberships compted.
We discussed comping those who donated less than 24 hours, but decided we should use the Cthulhu Cash system already in place.

James suggested giving each department some Cthulhu cash to hand out for quick assistance, but we need to keep good records of volunteer hours.

Sherrill needs to talk to Joy about getting her dad’s chilli.

Sherrill has buried the thousand year old (three month old) eggs.

Hospitality and Treasurer need to meet to work out Security eating for free.

Schedule close.
We lost some time when Michelle’s laptop was stolen, but no info.

Program Book
Damon has all department statements.
He’s been sending pages for review.

Dark Dreams needs to get an ad to probook@miscon.org.

Justin will maintain minutes and Writer’s Workshop page.

Secretary’s email is full. Michelle is having it forwarded, but needs to empty her mail.

Bob will be updating Art and Gaming.

Anyone with pictures of the Game Day should get them to webmaster@miscon.org.

We currently have 8-10 registered volunteers.

RadCon might be getting us some volunteers.

Departments who have specific volunteers still need to get them to register with volunteers, so that their hours can be logged.

Nothing to say.

Cthulhu Bob heard our promo announced on MPR.

We need to contact radio and TV stations.

Banners are with Hospitality, but needs to get them to Cthulhu Bob so that he can hang them at Muse.

Trivia contest forms need to be distributed.

Cthulhu Bob will get with John and buy more stickers and magnets.

A MisCon belt buckle?

We should get promotional material to Dark Dreams.
They might be interested in our Merchants’ jewelry, accessories, etc, even if the are not
sci fi/fantasy fans.

Get any poster ideas to James so that he can get working on them.

Costume Pageant
We still need to get more people involved.
Link on main page. Ticker?

Many people in costume, but do not want to be in the pageant.
We should have even more costumes this year with Dark Dreams.

Girls from the Costume Shop might be helping out.

Lots of people in Steampunk costumes at RadCon.

We may be able to find local groups online and promote MisCon.

Meeting adjourned 20:33.