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03/18/09 7:00 P.M. – 8:05 P.M.

MisCon Minutes
March 18, 2009


Chair: Bob Lovely
Acting Secretary: Joe Taylor
Attending: Mike, Bob Norton, James McGahee, Stewart Fleming, William Mattross, Lisa Williams, Sherrill Brown, Justin Barba and Clyde.

Called to order 19:00 hours.

Weekly Nagging will commence.

9 Weeks until MisCon 23.

Cthulhu Bob still waiting on forest.
We need names and addresses on the computer.
We need info sent (resent) to the Artist immediately.
We should even consider calling them if necessary.

We need more work done on the ‘Artist Workshop’.
We need Flyers for the ‘Artist Workshop’.

We also need to finalize the Art Auction Bid Pattles.
A tracking form needs to be designed for the Art Auction.

Jake Goodman, a local comic book cover artist, will be attending as an artist and a merchant.

Jake Goodman, a local comic book cover artist, will be attending as an artist and a merchant.

There will be demo’s of two new games at MisCon 23:
Under Fire Media LLC will be demoing Ethos card game.
Cthulhu Bob will be Launching the Frag Gold board game.

SJ Games is sending tons of stuff, including items signed by Steve Jackson.

Joe contacted Ad Astra Games about support for Saganami Island Tactical Simulator.
They implied they would support us and joe got them the advertizing rates.

Joe also contacted Fantasy Flight Games since James is running Grim.
FFG was apparently at MisCon last year, and are not coming this year. They have not said yet whether they will send support.

On that note, it is probably advisable for us to know which reps are at MisCon.
We should get together to ‘Meet the Reps’.

Justin said he was impressed with all the hard work Joe puts in to MisCon and how the Gaming page was looking great.

Writer’s Workshop
Justin says he’s been getting lots of response to the web page and other promos he has up.
He’s been in email contact with several people who appear to be good prospects.
He recieved another manuscript, bringing us to three submissions.

A writers group has started in Bozeman.
They want to be a satellite of MisCon.

Cashed check for 5 memberships.
4+1 child=$115.00.

James still wants suggestions for TV episodes for the Second Hospitality room.
He would prefer we pick the best of series rather than try to show them all.
Maybe every Borg episode?

Not present.

There may be some lime green badge holders with pre strung sequins to auction off.

Michelle will be perforating the paper for us, saving us a considerable amount of money.

The Registration Program is being finalized.

Joe got the form for Coke products to Sherrill.

Cthulhu Bob is assigning people to panels.

There will be packets for all panelist.

Program Book
The Program Book is donish.
Damon will be posting it on the secret ConCom page.
We have ads for Muse, Treasure Chest, SJ Games and Chaosium.
We should talk to Coke and Pepsi about ads.

Bob has Ben Cory listed as Hospitality Vice Chair.

Bob also cleaned up the ConCom files.

Hospitality needs to tell Volunteers how many volunteer hour are needed.

Volunteers is going well.
We’re getting a good list, but have your people sign up; friends, relatives, spouses, minions, slaves, whoever.

MisCon is on Craig’s List Montana.
We should be added to Idaho and Washington soon,
Justin is going through the list, planning out poster making.
A large Programming sign.

Missoula area events.

Wording for poster.

Costume Pageant
Not present.

Meeting adjourned 20:05.