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04/15/09 7:02 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.

15 April 2009

Acting Chair: Justin Barba
Acting Secretary: Joe Taylor
Attending: Mike Fowlkes, Bob Norton, James McGahee, John Stewart Fleming, John Bromley, Lisa Williams, Sherrill Brown, Scott Emmons and Ben Cory.

Called to order 19:02 hours.

5 Weeks until MisCon 23.
Tons of stuff to do!

Bob Lovely is at the trade show in Vegas.
Stackpole is in Vegas, jazzed about MisCon.
Kovalic will have to miss part of the con. A friend is getting married on Sunday.
Tell people to meet him early.
If he has a good time maybe we can have him back again next year.

Car Wash Saturday at 9AM.
We are on Ruby’s reader board.
Hotel’s Steve will have our area ready.
Justin will bring step ladders.
We should also bring, tee shirts, registration sheets, etc.
Belly dancers should be there, but not Sparkie.
John is moving during the Car Wash, but would like us to keep track of Volunteers, Hours and Donations.

James has some wire displays from Lowes.
We can use them to display fliers, etc.

We need posters for the Artist’s Workshop.

Tiffany Tolend is an Attending Pro and does not need to pay. We will tear up her check.
She should be listed on Homepage.

Miles Pinkney and his wife are getting 2 panels.



Joe was concerned about the Gaming page being too cluttered, but others thought the additional information was good.

Joe and Stewart are preparing the paperwork, Sign Up Sheets, GM Packets, etc now, so that there will not be such a rush in the week before the con.

Bob Lovely is working on gaming contacts and gaming support while in Vegas.

Writer’s Workshop
We have 8 manuscripts already, most from out of town; Butte, Bozeman, even Indiana and South Dakota.
Justin expects about 20 submissions by the April 22nd deadline.

We will be having 2, maybe 3 Writer’s Workshop panels.

With the number of submissions, we may have to reduce entries to 3,500 words, 15 pages.
Justin has already noted this on the web page.
We will definitely be using these numbers next year.

John has the Debit card, and it has been activated.

John will be contacting the guest to make travel arrangements, so that we can get the tickets.

John feels our best option for non-profit status would be to form a new non-profit organization, CthulhuCo?, MisCon Endowment Group?, which would then take MisCon under it’s umbrella.

ConCom previewed two films, Eminent and Book Dealer.

James is still sending out emails.

The deadline for Video submissions id May 18th.

No radios yet.

We need Squid letters.

RadCon has not contacted us yet with the number of people they plan on sending.

There will be a Security meeting Saturday after the Car Wash.

Lisa has the pre-reges from last year.

The database is done, and gorgeous!
It will use one screen with pull down menus.
The database will be backed up to the website hourly.

Registration will need 3 computers on Friday, each doing a separate set of badge numbers.
Next year the program should be able to assign the next badge number automatically.
Next year we should have PayPal capacity.

There will probably be no art on the badges, though they may have a watermark.
James says he has a laser printer which may be able to handle color art.
He will check on the cost of ink cartridges.

Lisa will contact Dark Dreams to insure they are coordinating with Joker’s Wild.

Sherrill is looking into some healthy foods.

We will definitely not be having a deep frier, most of all for safety reasons!
Toaster ovens take too long.

We should look into using the hotel’s kitchen or getting them to cater.

We need to talk to hotel’s Steve about breakers and getting keys for Hospitality bathrooms, which are used for storage.

Joe will contact Jeff Roper about borrowing his roaster again.

Foods this year will include; hot dogs, sausages, bratwurst, pizza, hot pockets, candy, chips, corn dogs, burritos, croissants, fruit, muffins and bagels.
We should add something spicy; hot sauce, horse radish.

Mike says he may have a portable freezer Hospitality can use.

Griffon After Dark will have Beer and Wine, but no hard liquor.

On website soon.

Program Book
The preliminary Program Book cost $80.
Next time only 1 hard copy and PDFs.
Looking good, page numbers, some mistakes which are being addressed.

The Merchants page needs some additions.
Table cost.
Letter to merchants.

Bob needs more art for the rotating image/s.
The date’s were lost when the image/s rotated, but Bob has corrected this.

Volunteers form not working on Explorer.
It does work on Firefox.
We need to add a note for people to try Firefox.


Joe needs to check storage unit to see if it has outlets.

Behind on posters.

We need Thank You Card list.

Contact radio stations, KECI, MCAT, community calendars, etc.

Costume Pageant
Not present.

Meeting adjourned 20:30.