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04/22/09 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.

In Attendance:

CthulhuBob, Justin, Ben, Lisa, Michelle, James, Joe, John, Bob Norton, Sherill, Dan, Forrest [enters at 7:08pm]


29 days left. 2010 theme is "Time." MisCon 25 for 2011, we discussed our Guests of Honor and calling it the 'Silver Anniversary.' Previous suggestions have been Christian T. Peterson, Rachael Mead [Vampire Academy/Scorpio], Scott Westerfield [young adult author], Simon R. Green [british author], Jacqueline Carey [author, dark fantasy]. We discussed media guests, web-comic guests.

Car Wash - it went well, we made $160. We discussed doing a second car wash during the year. Sunday May 31st after MisCon 23 at 12noon.

All the tickets for our Guests of Honor have been purchased.

Joe has authorization to use his work truck again for MisCon related activities.

Bob has some friends who are coming out this year to volunteer who have not yet attended MisCon.


4 panels for Tiffany Toland, 2 for most panelists, 1 table for Heather Kelley. Waiting on a confirmation for one artist. 3 for Bill Warren. 2 for Jake Goodman. 2 for Betsy Mott. We have over twenty-two panels so far and we are discussing putting John Kovalic in his own room.


Pro's & Steel, Quick Silver Fantasies, Cordochorea Creations, Zombie Tools, Guilded Quill, Cornerstone Books, Zombie Buddy, Wolfkeep, Seams Like Magic, Stirge Gaming, Muse Comics, Gems of the Goddess, Black Vellum, Underfire Media LLC.


The Jub-o-Dice exists. Joe is working on the GM packets. We have 30 games and we're still not finished with the MIBs. We'll easily have 40 games. Joe had a "GM Badge" created, using artwork from James. Joe is pricing the stickers for 'sanity points.' We are doing good! Joe is spending a few hours a day on the website updates.

Heroclixs may very well be coming back, contract negotiations are in the works.

Writer's Workshop

We have 18 submissions, and today is the due date. We are waiting to hear from C.J. Cherryh and Jane Fancher to see if they are attending the Writer's Workshop. The room is big and we are planning on splitting up the groups. Justin wants to pair the writer's with the author's preference for "professional authors" to critque their work. Justin will also have a feedback forum to help improve the Writer's Workshop this year.


We have a bill from the Missoula Copy shop that we are discussing. Checks were turned in and discussed. Bob turned in a check for two additional memberships. $668 was our total count for pre-registration, car-wash and misc funds, nearly paying for two plane tickets!


Waiting for additional entries. We discussed renting or acquiring a television for the Festival and Hospitality. The Film Festival is going to be moved to Monday. James will email ConCom and ask everyone to submit video ideas to be shown. Mike and Sherrill provided movies to be shown. Mike provided 8 seasons of Red Dwarf.

John Nillis has agreed to do a panel and we are hoping Josh Wagner will also do a panel.


We have emailed RadCon to see how many people are planning on coming over and to make sure they have all their paperwork filled out. They are working on creating their schedule. Bob contacted RadCon to get a hold of their security team.


Lisa showed off Tim's Registration program to the committee. We have a check for registration. We are contemplating a "family" discount for next year.


The microwave and refridgerator are provided by Ruby's. The matinence man can provide additional equipment if neccessary.


Michelle will start emailing the panelists their schedules and direct the panelists to the website for additional updates.

Adding panels and rearranging as panel conflicts come up.

Program Book

Damon has asked for the schedule and we can provide it now. We will be able to edit and revise before the convention.

Web Site

Various and numerous updates to the website.


Not present.


Justin is putting together an operations team. Ben has been added as a Vice Chair; staying in Hospitality. James, Shaun and Justin's wife has also been added. We will have a "Security & Information" desk available for MisCon 23.


Kitsune Comics was discussed. The 'room party' stamp was passed around and will be sold to Bob. Dice from Chessex was discussed. We have a contact in another dice company.

Costume Pageant

Not present.

Meeting ended at 9:00 pm