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07/02/08 7:00 P.M. – 8:07 P.M.

MisCon Minutes
2 July 2008

Chair: Justin Barba
Acting Secretary: Joe Taylor
Attending: Stewart Fleming, Sherrill, Lisa Williams, James McGahee, Bob Norton.

Called to order 19:00 hours.

The Artists still have not been paid! Forrest needs to get the info to Marc so that he can mail the checks.

Marc will pay the Artists as soon as he gets the info from Forrest. He also wants to write checks to Bob Norton, Lisa Williams and Joe Taylor to bring the books current. They all need to get their info to Marc. He will mail the checks if needed.
Email Marc department budgets, especially anything that is needed now.

Marc has completed inventory for Hospitality. Hospitality still has several flats of sodas and some snacks which can be used at the Fall Game Fair.

Justin is working on revamping the Writer’s Workshop. It may need multiple pages on the Website. Bob Norton says he can do that.

Damon found a van at Bitterroot Motors. He has reserved a 12 person van for us and we are on standby for a 15 person van. Either will cost us $180.00 from Thursday evening until Monday morning, and include 450 miles.
The best option seems to be leaving on Friday morning.
There may not be enough storage. Joe will look into a U-Hall trailer. Lisa says she may be taking her own vehicle and can carry luggage.
No special driver’s license is needed for the van. Damon is taking his own vehicle, so we will have to drive.

Stewart said that Ben Donnelly is interested in running an Anime room this year along with some Anime panels. We do not have extra projectors so Stewart will have to find out what support he would need. James says he will plan on an Anime room in addition to Video. We can always use the space for something else if Anime doesn’t occur.
James also needs to exchange the $50.00 card for an international card. He would also like to make a certificate for the winner.
Departments should get their ‘conspiracy’ movie request in to Video.
We could hold a ‘Cheap Date Night’ in the Video room. Supply popcorn.
Possibly show more adult movies at Griffon After Dark.
James wants to show some short videos throughout the con, possibly at Opening Ceremonies, etc.

Lisa is looking into having the Dark Dreams Dance (a Goth get together) at the con. We could hold it Friday night at Joker’s Wild. There is drinking, but Joker’s may be able to handle that. Another option would be for MisCon to sponsor a bus to the dance.
This event usually has a cover charge. We will need to look at the logistics.
Note: MisCon weekend has a New Moon this year.

We need to get department statements to Damon now. We can make minor changes later. He needs to be able to get some pages prepped early!
We should make some final room use decisions first.

Justin and James are going to work on large maps of the hotel. They plan to post one in the Demotivation hallway and upstairs, and maybe by registration. Smaller maps will also be posted.

James knows someone who may be able to make us a quilt. Possibly with the MisCon logo on one side and old tee shirts on the other. We could auction this off. He will look into the cost.

We need to schedule Programming with more though about the attendance of proposed panels. We may want to consider swapping programming B with Video. We may want to consider a third programming room.
Panel ideas:
Physical therapy for space travel. How to stay in shape;
Back woods medicine, and;

Possible guest/merchants:
Historical dress maker, and;
Central/Eastern European medieval embroiderer.

We should get a ConCom picture based on the Last Supper. We can have clues in it for The Conspiracy.

We can have someone deliver mysterious packages to people during the con. Give the Bomb Squad a heads up.

CthulhuBob wants us to focus on getting job descriptions for each department written!

Meeting adjourned 20:07.