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MisCon Minutes
15 October 2008

Chair: Bob Lovely
Acting Secretary: Joe Taylor
Attending: John Bromley, William Mattross, Catherine Davenport & Child, Stewart Fleming, Forrest Leder, Sherrill Brown, Mike and Mari.

Called to order 19:00 hours.

Gamma, the organization which runs Origins, has offered to Program Book ads with MisCon. ConCom agreed this would be good exposure for MisCon.

We are still awaiting our contract with the hotel for MisCon 23, but Bob is not concerned.

The Red Lion Colonial in Helena has invited MisCon to hold an event there. We have no plans on holding a HellCon ATT, but this indicates that MisCon is getting well known enough to draw interest from beyond Missoula.

We should make as many aspects of the con theme related as we can.

MisCon wants to recycle again this year.

Forrest has been working on the Art Chair Responsibilities.

Forest and Bob will get together to create an updated Artists’ List.

Forrest has a draft of the Artist Letter.

Registration needs to get the Badge info to Art so that Forrest can arrange for artwork.
Michele is working on this info.

Bob asked Joe to get measurements and an estimate of the number of tables we can get in rooms 300, 400 and 700. We may consider moving Merchants to another room.

Bob, Joe and Stewart represented MisCon at the Montana Game Faire in Helena.
The Faire seemed to be a success.
There were a lot of great roleplayers there and almost all of the games had full tables.

MisCon’s next Game Fair is on 8 November 2008 at the UM University Center.

Bob asked Joe to touch bases with Steve Verdoliva of Gamma.

Gaming will be responsible for organizing a ConCon only Killer Game for MisCon 23.
I’m thinking only ‘poison’ or other ‘indirect’ kills. THEY might be overt at times, but THEM never are.

Writer’s Workshop
Kat is talking to people at Big Sky ATT.

John has been working with the IRS on the nonprofit paperwork.
When it is ready we will need to dissolve our current corporation and submit a reincorporation letter.

Bob will send John a copy of our Articles of Incorporation. We will probably continue to use the same Articles.

Joe gave an invoice to John for room rental for the Game Fair. John will send Events at the UC a check.

We will be using Quick Books for MisCon’s accounting, including for the Art Auction. John says that while it’s not the best system it’s stable and easy to use.

If you still have not sent your budget to the Treasurer, please do so.

We are still planning on getting a scrolling marque.

Our Registration Team will be running registration at RadCon!

Sherrill received maps of rooms 134 and 135.

Sherrill is considering options for Hospitality:
Griffon After Dark. With the double rooms, she can keep one family friendly. For the other we will need to use wrist bands to identify those of legal drinking age.
Griffon Feasts on Friday and Saturday around 5PM. $5 per plate?

Hospitality will be responsible for creating a menu for the Sunday BBQ. The food, sodas and supplies (plates, condiments, etc) will also be Hospitality’s responsibility.

Iron Geek?

Bob still needs to determine times for the Art Workshop and Film Festival.

Some panels at MisCon 23 will be:
Creating comic books vs comic strips.
Cartooning as an art form.
Art for games.
The science of super heroes.
Who the heck are THEY?
We should consider protecting the room with aluminum foil, or at least aluminum foil hats.
Gaming resources/mapping (one panel should be sufficient).
Fan fiction.
Shape of Your Ship.
Relationships. Adult content.
Plotting to Plot the Plot (GM plot creation).
What were they thinking?
For artists. One panel, or one for each artist?

Other panel ideas:
Art Show walk through (with artists).
Anime panel/s.
Costume making.
Perhaps a costume making room throughout the con if we can get sewing machines?
Art panels?

Pro Book
Create a fake department with it’s full statement redacted.

Statements, and the rest of the Program Book, should have info added (so that it can be redacted).

Please get Departments Statements to the Program Book Chair as soon as possible!

The Writer’s Workshop page on the website is becoming extent.
For a preview go to miscon.org/shaun and follow the writers links.

Will still needs Volunteer Reports if you want volunteers.

Will would like to get volunteer job descriptions on the website.

Bob’s ‘volunteer’ will be the MisCon Intern.

Bob still need a budget for stickers and magnets.

Future promotional material should be generic MisCon merchandise, not for a specific con.

Marketing ideas:
Pens or mechanical pencils.
No cave man pencils.
MisCon Wallpaper.

Costume Pageant
Kat is contacting theater departments for support.
Bo reminded her to get in touch with MCT.

Sci Fi Project Runway?

Meeting adjourned 20:12.