‘Furries’, anthropomorphic (humanoid animals), with personalities and cultures colored by their species.
Adventuring in the Age of Space (think ‘Farscape’).
In a universe of high tech worlds/colonies the characters are civilians or EDF/Homeguard soldiers in an ongoing war. The must deal with the evil ILR, conspiring officials, the horrors of war, their fellow ‘furries’, and an AI that is attempting to keep things from getting out of control...

'Amber Throne War'
Amber Diceless RPG
It's a throne war!
The king (your father) has died.
Unfortunately, he died without a clear successor.
As you and your siblings (or at least half-siblings) really don't know the order of your conception - or birth - you all have an equal claim on the throne.
Actually, correct that, all your siblings are undeserving, pretentious, self-serving, arrogant, incompetent scum, so it's clear that the throne is yours. Really, now, would dear old dad have meant for anyone like that to take the throne on his demise? Since you're the only member of the family with a grain of common sense or human decency (well, at least Amberite decency), it's obvious you were meant to be the successor. The throne is yours - if you can take it!
You need to push, pull, bribe, fight, outwit, deceive, align, surpass, kill, or whatever else it takes, to get the badges of office and get yourself coronated before one of your blood relatives defiles the throne with his or her filthy person. Remember, they're as tough or tougher than you, as cunning or more cunning than you, as fast orn faster than you, and they all have this internal drive to seize power and rule over the universe that you do.
Unfortunately, your siblings all have the same idea!
We'll start with a bidding war and character generation, then degenerate into the chaos that is Amber until such time as we pass out or someone takes the throne.

'Captain Astonishing and His Amazing Crew: Attack of the Spider!'
Dateline, June 28th, 1938, Mega City -- Summer’s here, but it’s crime that’s heating up Mega City! The Spider! is terrorizing honest citizens with his ultra advanced technology and brutal thug minions. Will Captain Astonishing and His Amazing Crew be able to stop him and save Mega City?
' Gosh, let’s hope so!
Players: 4-6
Pre-generated characters.

'Corruption of the Spice'
DD4 Engine
As long as there is spice, there will be life upon Dune. The Makers have become restless and the hot desert wind carries strange portents. Visitors from the stars have come to your planet and where they walk, the spice changes and becomes poison. The Fremen have sent out the call for aid and you have answered. You will save the spice or die in the process, and if you die your world will be forever changed.
Players: 4-6
Pre-generated characters.

D&D 3.5, The World of Midnight
The first crack in the dimensions that holds out the gods of light has been made and the world of Midnight will never be the same. But can the word of the resurgence of the gods of light be known, or will the forces of darkness crush it? Once again the chosen of the Witch Queen will face the Evils of Midnight to bring word to the Elves and the Dwarves that hope remains. But they discover something on their journey that will change them - and their lives - forever.
Time: Four hours
Players: 7 - with first come first serve from last years group.

Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg (Coach ride to Devil's Castle)
All players are passengers within a carriage that is rushing to Devil's Castle. They each act as a member of a secret association, but no one knows who is friend and who is foe.
Each player starts in one of two secret associations. He also gets a secret profession with a special ability. So at the beginning of the game you have no information about the membership and the professions of the others. To win the game, each association has to collect 3 defined artifacts jointly. Therefore you have to find out who your allies are and where to find the artifacts among the other secret objects that are in possession of other players. You can get this information during the game either by trading objects with other players, because every object has a special ability, e.g. "Trade it in and you may take a look at your trading partners-association." or by struggling with other players, because the winner of a struggle can view the cards of the underdog and steal one of them. But be careful, all players can support the attacker OR defender in a struggle. If they know about your identity but you don't know theirs it may be risky to struggle.
The association that has collected their 3 artifacts first, wins.
The game has a special atmosphere, because you never know if somebody is faithfully supporting you or if he only pretends to be your friend.
Time: 30 minutes.
Players: 3-10

Dragonriders of Pern
Prototype RPG
Based on Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders of Pern series.
The weyrwoman (female co-leader of an army of teleporting dragons defending the planet against waves of “thread”) has been poisoned! You need to find out who did it and why, while someone is seeing to it that nosy people disappear or have ‘accidents’.

Furry Pirates
Halogin, Pirates
‘Furries’, anthropomorphic (humanoid animals), with personalities and cultures colored by their species.
Adventuring in the Age of Pirates (think ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’).
The Halogin system is designed for quick character creation, and fast combat with open ended results; successes doing 2 times, 3 times or “How the hell fid he do that!”; and failures from simple failure to “Ohhh...that’s going to leave a mark...”.

Furry Outlaws
Halogin, Fantasy
‘Furries’, anthropomorphic (humanoid animals), with personalities and cultures colored by their species.
Adventuring in the Middle Ages (think Robin Hood).
The Halogin system is designed for quick character creation, and fast combat with open ended results; successes doing 2 times, 3 times or “How the hell fid he do that!”; and failures from simple failure to “Ohhh...that’s going to leave a mark...”.

'High Ground'
GURPS Pirates
Superstition says its bad luck to have women on ships. You and your Talisman crew-mates would have to agree, especially since Captain ‘Lucky’ Lynda seems to draw her luck directly from her crew. But her luck truly is extraordinary. You’ve never been on a more successful ship, successful enough to make up for a few ‘mishaps’.
But now Bosun One-Ear Eric, Cecil the Cyclops, Harry the Hook, Peg Leg Pete, Tongueless Treme and, the ‘prisoner’, Lieutenant Richard Higgins have until high-tide to get the captain back or the Talisman’s luck might just have run out.
Pre-generated characters.
Note-High Ground is the 1st Talisman Voyage.
It is the same scenario played at several regional cons.
The 2nd Talisman Voyage, 'Bottomless', will debut at this year’s Montana Game Faire, October 9-10, in Helena, MT.

'House of Sin'
Epic RPG
The House of Scarlet & Lace has had some good years of late, and is starting to be known throughout the great city as the best classy whore house around. But such things don't come without a price - and Madame Scarlet is about to have her past come back to haunt her - in the form of a demon army bent on collecting some of those promised souls. It will be a long night for those lovely courtesans and the Madame. It doesn't look like anyone will be rushing in to help - so they had better help themselves. A fast paced role-playing heavy, combat heavy survival action game.
Time: Four Hours
Players: 6 Players who are role-playing first and after group fun as a whole, as well as being willing to play female characters that are whores (or be upset at other players playing female character that are whores. . .)
18+ on this one. (Duh.)

Munchkin Deluxe
Every deck in the game!
This game has been so popular that there well be run off games.
Players who reach level 10 will bring their characters to the big table to play to level 20.

Dragondyne Publishing
Welcome to the world of Neverwhen. Neverwhen is a d20 Campaign system that uses Wizards of the Coast’s 4.0 gaming system license. It allows players and Game Masters to take items and/or characters from any d20 setting and use them in their own campaign. In addition we have provided a storyline that allows the inclusion of your campaign.
Pre-generated characters are available.

'Panty Raid'
ShadowRun (Second Edition)
(and now for something completely different)
You're Shadow Runners. You live in the twilight between legal and illegal activities, between the megacorps that run the world and the governments that pretend to. In a world where there's magic and fantastic technology - and your sidearm is your best friend.
Why, then, did you take this job that doesn't pay well to break into a house, sneak around without hurting anything, and clean out some drawers? Oh, yeah, your friend said you owed him, that's why . . .
Any you thought you got over panty raids after you got out of the frat in college . . .
We'll start with character selection form the pre-generated characters (see Character List), chat with the Johnson to get the information you'll need, then complete the run - non-standard as the run may be.
Player: 4-6 who are looking for a fun time and some classic gaming.
This game contains highly immature themes and topics which may be considered "adult" due to their immaturity and the immaturity of the players.

Build your own track, choose your car, and pitch it! Choose the best trajectory using the safety rails, stay on your wheels and don't go off the track if you don't want a penalty!
Time: 30 minutes.
Players: 2-8

'Rebel's Blood'
GURPS Modern (Hegemon Rising)
An oppressive government is silencing the opposition. The country is in chaos following the assasination of the president, and strange things are happening to you.
When a friend, and controversial opposition figure, disappears in an apparent para-military kidnapping, will you be able to rescue him from the fate suffered by so many others in the country? Or will you be another anonymous casualty in the War on Domestic Terrorism?

'Rescue at Rivenroar'
D&D 4E
The world has never been a safe place. Bastions of civilization populate a dark, menacing world -- islands of order and reason exist in a land otherwise overrun by dark cults, vile monsters, creatures from the dark edges of the imagination, and worse. As deadly as the world is on a normal day, something has begun to stir on the fringes of the civilized Elsir Vale. Formerly the site of an attack by an army known as the Red Hand, the Vale has known several years of peace since brave adventurers stormed into the teeth of the approaching Hand and send them scurrying back into the darkness.
Pre-generated characters, but 1st Level D&D 4E characters allowed.
Note-This is a kick-off adventure, for a possible 'Scales of War' adventure path campaign starting at Muse after MisCon 23..

R.O.T.- Ridiculous On Tap
Homebrew D10 game, based loosly on the White Wolf system.
Ever find yourself drinking out behind the barn at your High School grad party, then led through a corn maze and into a tiny shed that turns out to be a messed up episode of Leave It To Beaver while the sheds your friends went into led them to a mountain top, the middle of a break-in, and gym class?
Players need no prep.

Saganami Island
Saganami Island Tatical Simulator (SITS) is realistic 3-D space combat with an Age of Sail feel. Based duing the opening phases of the First Manticoran-Havenite War, SITS allows you to be "the master/mistress after god" on ships ranging from destroyers to the massive Superdreadnoughts, throwing broadsides of missiles at long-range, and "kissing" distance energy weapons.

'Sleeper Awakens'
Call of Cthulhu Dark Ages
‘Tis the 10th of March, in the year of Our Lorde 1001. You dwell in the towne of Emborough, in Somerset County. No word has come lately from the village of Wookey Hole, where strange things are said to live in the local caves. Trade has stopped and taxes are overdue, so the Bishop is sending a group of men to investigate.
Players: 4-6
Pre-generated characters.

Space Alert
Would you like to be among the brave heroes who sacrifice risk, their lives in service to their galaxy? Then join the Space Cadets! At Space Alert Academy, you'll learn how to defend a Sitting Duck Class star ship from meteors, cryoshield frigates, and space crabs. A brief rewarding, career awaits.
Space Alert is a cooperative board game. Players plan their actions in real time in response to a sound track. At the end of ten intense minutes, all actions are revealed, and the crew discovers whether the mission ends with a jump to hyperspace or just a big explosion.
Space Cadet ranks can be earned by completing missions. These ranks will carry over to the Montana Game Faire in Helena in October.
Time: 1 hour, includes lesson on how to play
Players: 4 or 5

Star Wars Saga
This is going to be a demonstration of the new starfighter combat rules in the Star Wars Saga Edition.
Players will have a choice of three starfighter types. Six of the venerable Y-wings, four powerful X-wings, and two of the brand new A-wings starfighters.
The objective will be to attack and destroy an Imperial transport carrying supplies to a damaged Imperial Star Destroyers.

'A Strange Retrieval'
Call of Cthulhu Modern
In late April 2009 and a rather violent wind storm is descended upon the facilities located on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. When the dust settled, something that was once buried was reviled. The news reports gave only vague descriptions, but you recognized the signs. You have come from around the globe to once again combat this threat. Your task will be simple; go to eastern Washington and stop and ancient evil.
Players: 4-6
Pre-generated characters.

'Sword and Blaster'
Traveller Classic
The party has been hired to protect an agricultural community from local savages who are now being equipped with modern weapons and have started raiding the settlements.
The party members must protect the settlements and try and find out who is supplying the natives with weapons and why.

Tinker’s Damn
Play characters flying surplus WWII planes in an air race around the world, while poking around nearby locations for parts for their planes and treasure, and getting themselves, and the other characters, into and out of trouble...

Play cartoon characters out after a “foogle bird” (or two) for a slunky load of cash. You’ll need to fend of other players, and the slight obstacle that doing so is illegal.

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