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Reaper Painting Contest at MisCon 24

Reaper is sponsoring the Miniatures Painting Contest at MisCon again.

Masters, your miniature this year is 50001: Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser.

Competition Rules and Regulations:

1. Entries must be made in-person by the painter. Entries must be the work of the painter. Any entry painted by anyone other than the entrant will be disqualified.
2. No more than 2 entries per painter per category.
3. You cannot enter winning models from any other contests, conventions, or online competitions.
4. You cannot enter painted models published prior to MisCon and this competition in any professional print media, i.e. manufacturer magazines or gaming material. Online publication of your painted entry prior to MisCon is acceptable in the spirit of receiving feedback on your work from the hobby community. You may receive feedback from our judges, part of that online community, though our intention, as ever, is that painters provide entries previously untested.
5. Disqualified winning entries forfeit all prizes, titles, awards, and the painter is barred from entry in future MisCon competitions. If an entry is disqualified, awards are given to the next winning entry. Information dealing with an entry in this competition that may result in disqualification should be brought to the attention of MisCon and Competition Administration immediately.
6. All entries must be finished, including bases, within the size restrictions as noted separately.
7. Each category must have at least four entries or we will combine it with another category, per management decision. Management determines final category placement of all entries and can change at any time before or during judging.
8. Entries may be photographed and entry registration indicates permission for MisCon to show them in all public media, including online and print media.
9. MisCon staff, volunteers, and Competition Management cannot be held responsible for damaged or lost miniatures. We treat all miniatures with respect and will do our best to keep them safe.
10. MisCon Competition Judges are not eligible for entry in regular categories, judges can enter in the Masters Category.
11. All decisions of the judges and management are final.
12. Entries must be received by Noon on Sunday of MisCon.
13. Entries may not be picked up before 6pm Sunday if they want to participate in judging.
14. Entries and Prizes must be picked up by 3pm Monday at MisCon, or the entrant will pay shipping and handling for their entries and prizes to be mailed to them. If we receive no replies to our attempts to contact you by phone or email by September 30th of this year, prizes will be forfeit and entries still in our possession will be auctioned.

Size Restrictions and Judging Criteria
Please note that measurements include any and all bases, movement trays, or display stands. We use these measurements to determine display shelf placements and they will be strictly enforced. Please check it before you get to MisCon.

Single Figure Defined: Smaller figure or animal-mounted figure, such as a knight on a horse, which fall within the size restriction. This includes base, mount, and wings. A competition judge will rule on any bits, such as a banner pole, extending beyond the size restriction, at time of entry.
Size Restriction: 3x3x3 inches.

Defined: Models in military ranks or groups of figures that constitute a unit, squad, team of individuals, or adventure group. Units must include unifying base, board, or movement tray.
Size Restriction: Entry max of 10x10x10 inches.

Machines of War
Defined: All vehicles and Machines with Crew. This includes all tanks, motorcycles, ships, siege engines, all weaponry that contains or is run by one or more crew figures. Multiple freestanding figures (as in crew) must include unifying base, board, or movement tray.
Size Restriction: 12x12x12 inches.

Defined: Emphasis is on the display as a focused scene telling a story with figures. This may include battle scenes or other dioramic displays. Must be on a unified base, figures do not need to be permanently attached to the base, but judges will take into account the technical aspect of the figures as presented with the base.
Size Restriction: 14x14x14 inches.

Large Figure
Defined: Single Figures that are larger than Single Figure restrictions. Large Monsters, Dragons, Statues, Busts, Large Scale Miniatures, etc.
Size Restriction: 14x14x14.

Hatchlings Single Figure Competition:
Awards and prizes in a separate competition just for those painters 14 years old and younger.
Enter any single figure that adheres to the Single Figure Category Rules and Regulations.
Painters 14 and under may enter the regular competition or the Hatchling Category, but not both.

Masters Category:
Open to past Best in Show winners and Painting Competition Judges. Must be no more than 10x10x10 inches on a single base.

Location Changes

Due to Chrono-Spatial destabilization, Gaming will not quite be in the same locations as last year. Gaming H.Q. is room 700 at Rubys, with 159 and 160 used as overflow and for quiet games. We also will have gaming again in the Joker’s Wild basement and upstairs room, though we must evacuate when they are whisked into their own space-time envelope (when they close) at 1 a.m.

The Sandbaggers Game Club of Great Falls, MT will be in room 260, with gaming all weekend and a party Saturday night.

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming, also in Great Falls, MT, will be demoing their 3.5 Pathfinder product line in the Merchant’s room.

Gaming H.Q. (room 700) has a kiosk with sign up sheets and a gaming schedule, and there’s also room for open gaming.

Directions to gaming at the Joker’s Wild

Go out the front door of Ruby’s (Reserve Street). Turn left, and cross the parking lot.

When you go in the Joker’s Wild, turn left for the stairs leading down, and up, to MisCon 24 Gaming.

MisCon 24 Recordkeeping

MisCon would like to start keeping better records. This includes keep track of volunteered hours. If you are planning on running games at MisCon 24 please fill out the Volunteer form on the Volunteers page. If you check only Gaming, it is assumed your hours are scheduled. Though we hope you take an interest in other departments as well.

Please contact with games you want to run at MisCon 24 early enough for us to promote your game on the Gaming web page. Early sign up gives you more choice of times and tables, as well as giving us time to try to get support for your game.

Keep checking back for more info about upcoming games and a MisCon 24 Gaming Schedule.

MisCon 24, 28 to 31 May 2010!

Stewart Fleming (Admiral)
MisCon 24 Game Chair

Joe Taylor (Quasijoe)
MisCon 24 Vice Game Chair

Gaming Preregistration Online

Members who are preregistered for MisCon 24 may preregister for two games, plus as an auxiliary for one game.

If those preregistered members are also prescheduled to run games, they may sign up for one additional game, and as an auxiliary for one additional game. For a total of three prescheduled seats, and two auxiliary seats.

Preregistration for games may not fill more than half of the available seats for a game.

We are working on developing a system for gaming preregistration for the website. In the mean time we are going to use a low tech system.

Check out the listed games.

If you are preregistered for MisCon 24, and would like to preregister for games, send an email to stating which games you would like to sign up for, and any questions you may have about the games.

We will verify your registration and the availability of seats in the games.

We will then preregister you for the games and send you an email verifying that you are signed up for the games.

Thank you for supporting MisCon 24.

Bring Your Badges

Sanity Points
Our region has been blessed with several great cons. In support of the four-convention
TriCon (hey, they write four-part trilogies) MisCon has introduced Sanity Points.
Your badge from the most recent each of MisCon, RadCon, Montana Game Faire and
SpoCon are worth one Sanity Point each.
If your G.M. allows Sanity Points at their game, you may spend them for modifiers to die rolls at your G.M.’s discretion.
To encourage GM's to allow Sanity Points, they can turn them in to Gaming at a rate of 4
Sanity Points for $1 Cthulhu Cash, enough to get a couple of sodas at Hospitality.

Miniature Swap.
Bring Your Mini’s

MisCon will be having it’s Miniature Swap Panel again this year.
Bring your extra mini’s, plastic, Clix, even metal.
Don’t forget the cards which go with some mini’s.



Hero System 5th Edition, Champions Super Heroes

The rumors claim the Guardians, heroes of Kansas City, have gone missing.
The villains who hope to take advantage of this are in for a surprise!

Six pre-generated characters provided.

Munchkin Quest


Kill the monster, grab the treasure, stab your buddy. That's what it's all about. Now, Munchkin comes to the boardgame.

You'll build your dungeon, a room at a time, from heavy, double-sided tiles. Each shows a different room . . . some are good for certain characters, some are bad. Populate it with monster standies and let your munchkins run amok!

Cooperate with the whole group, adventure with a partner, or strike out on your own. You don't know what's behind a door until you open it . . . then another room is added to the dungeon. Battle monsters for power and treasure, or send them after your friends. Reach Level 10, and then fight your way past the Boss Monster to get out alive, if you can . . .

Designed by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic, this boardgame doesn't take itself seriously. Except for the loot – munchkins are always serious about the loot!

Players: 2-6



GURPS 4th Edition, Cinimatic Pirates

Superstition says its bad luck to have women on ships. You and your Talisman crew-mates would have to agree, especially since Captain ‘Lucky’ Lynda seems to draw her luck directly from her crew. But her luck truly is extraordinary. You’ve never been on a more successful ship, successful enough to make up for a few ‘mishaps’.

But now Bosun One-Ear Eric, Cecil the Cyclops, Harry the Hook, Peg Leg Pete, Tongueless Treme and, the ‘prisoner’, Lieutenant Richard Higgins have until high-tide to get the captain back or the Talisman’s luck might just have run out.

Six pre-generated characters provided.

Note-‘Bottomless’ is the second Talisman Voyage.

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