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Mike Briggs

Mike is Patricia Briggs's filking, scientist husband . He knows a lot about a lot of things and is very interesting to talk to (he did not write this).

About Mike Briggs

Ben Donnelly
Ben Donnelly

My name is Benjamin Donnelly, and this will be my 22nd time at Miscon. I am currently an assistant professor of history at the University of Great Falls and Great Falls College-MSU, where I teach all kinds of historical subjects, mainly military history and including a course on anime and Japan. I was born in Georgia, but I've lived in Montana most of my life, and it's home. For the past decade or so, I've hosted the AMV Party at Miscon, as well as run the famous (or infamous) Destroy UM Battletech game. I'm also a longtime member of the Sandbaggers Game Club in Great Falls, and part of the ConCom for the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous, as well as an avid--though amateur--cosplayer.

About Ben Donnelly

Jennifer Fleming-Lovely

Daughter of CthulhuBob. Actress and all around cool girl.

About Jennifer Fleming-Lovely

Holly Frydenlund
Holly Frydenlund

HAuLi joined ir8prim8 as a partner in Auralfixation in 2007 and has honed her signature hybrid melodic power sound from acidic and basic elements of many harder electronic genres.

About Holly Frydenlund

Tod Glenn
Tod Glenn

Tod Glenn is a lifelong weapons enthusiast. He has been variously a competitive shooter, federal firearms licensee, firearms manufacturing consultant, knife maker, sword maker, fencing coach and HEMA instructor. He is currently the head coach for the Helena fencing club. He is a frequent contributor to the American Smallsword Symposium and contributed to the recently published Reinier van Noort translation of Philibert de la Touche’s “Les Vrays principes de l'espée seule dédiés”

About Tod Glenn

Jim Johnson

About Jim Johnson

Josh Kyle
Josh Kyle

Red Jackal Photography is a side project of Engeln Photography that is geared towards local photography, conventions, and contemporary photography.

About Josh Kyle

Miss Jade LaRose
Miss Jade LaRose

Miss Jade was born in St. Ignatius MT, born into this world as a child of two spirits, Sam/Jade found life on the reservation to be very sheltered. The son of a single mother, Sam found that he had a talent for the arts and music.

About Miss Jade LaRose

Jerry Lynde
Jerry Lynde

About Jerry Lynde

Sharon McDaniel

About Sharon McDaniel

John McDonald

About John McDonald

Gene Mealey

Gene Mealey, also known in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) as Baron Antoine de Bueil of the Barony of Sentinels' Keep.

About Gene Mealey

Nick Plantz

About Nick Plantz

Inge Saenz
Inge Saenz

Former dinner theater owner in Tacoma, Wa, I have acted, danced in, and directed musicals and other plays.

About Inge Saenz

Nat Saenz

About Nat Saenz


About The SCA

Lee Shinabery

About Lee Shinabery

Brooke Stanley
Brooke Stanley

Brooke H. Stanley, RN, is a modern day Bard. Scrapping, skulking and schmoozing are reoccurring themes in his as yet neverending story. With Bachelor’s degrees in English and Nursing as well as a fist-full of apparently useless graduate work, he is both over-educated and very friendly. He has been burned, shot and driven for spymasters and U.S. Presidents. He has a lovely singing voice and likes both cats and dogs equally. Before moving to Barrow, Alaska, Brooke worked as a prison nurse and reads medical encyclopedias for fun.

About Brooke Stanley

The Sultana Dancers

About The Sultana Dancers

Ray Worley

About Ray Worley

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