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MisCon 24

The Entry Wormhole
Golden Age Boardroom
[Programming B1]
Outer Space
[Programming B2]
Belly of the Beast
[Small Programming]
Medieval Revelations
[SCA Room]
Great Hall
[Large Programming]
May 28 10:00 Friday Registration
May 28 11:00                
May 28 12:00       Rummage Sale
May 28 13:00           Early Bird Round Table
May 28 14:00           Gizmo Make and Take
  Cowardice in RPGs
May 28 15:00     Horror In Literature and RPGs
Fencing Basics
  Kid's Make and Take
  How To Steampunk-ify Your Nerf Gun
May 28 16:00               Meet Harry Turtledove
May 28 17:00     Science Fiction Jeopardy
    Writer's Workshop Meet and Greet
  Meet Sarah Clemens
May 28 18:00               Meet Eben Brooks
May 28 19:00               Opening Ceremonies
May 28 20:00   Reading: Margaret Bonham
  Random Jammin'
      Sarah Clemens -- Art Presentation
May 28 21:00                
May 28 22:00               Anime Music Videos
May 28 23:00                
May 29 10:00   Free Mapping Software
Poisons and Aphrodisiacs
    The Write Time and Place
Beginning Chainmaile
Anatomy of the Face
May 29 11:00   Hit Locations and Maimed Characters
Writer's Workshop A
Fresh Air and Filk AND Medieval & Renaissance Weapons 101
  Dynamic Form in Static Art
  Writer's Workshop B
May 29 12:00   30 Minute Victorian Bustle Costume Skirt
  SCA Fighting Demo
  Hint, Hint, Death.
May 29 13:00   Writer's Workshop C
May 29 14:00     Medieval Diseases
Belly Dance
  The How and Why of Magic
SCA 101
Write What You Know
May 29 15:00     501st Legion Q&A
    Manuscript to Mass Market
Introduction to Medieval Clothing
Theremin For Beginners
May 29 16:00   Dragon's World
Alternative Medicine
  Video Audience Award Festival
Convention Art Shows
The Perfect Pirate
Space and Time For Writers
May 29 17:00   Reading: Vicki Mitchell
Buffy LARP
Shoot the Knight
  Corsets Through Time
SCA 101
Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Music
May 29 18:00   Video Game Creation
  Random Jammin'
  Arguing About Punctuation,
How To Dress Like A Viking
May 29 19:00   Writers Of The Future
      Awakening the Muse
  Costume Pageant Prep
May 29 20:00   Reading: Diana Pharaoh Francis
      Firearms Curiosa
  Costume Contest
May 29 21:00   Reading: Jane Fancher
      Zombies: Causation, Propogation, and Interdiction
  1st Annual MisCon Drag Show
May 29 22:00           Profanity: History, Theory, and Practice
SCA Room Party
May 29 23:00                
May 30 10:00   Reading: M.J. Engh
Meaningful vs. Meaningless Death In RPGs
    Genre and History in Literature
  Crossing The Mundane Barrier
May 30 11:00   Artist's Workshop
Dude Looks Like A Lady
    Writer's Workshop Wrap Up
  Eben Brooks, Live in Concert
May 30 12:00           G.M.'s Confluence
May 30 13:00     Steampunk Jewelry Make and Take
    Beastly Writing
  Writing: The Nuts And Bolts
May 30 14:00   Reading: C.J. Cherryh
Women In Horror
  Medieval Medicine
  CSETI Contact Protocols
May 30 15:00   Reading: Patricia Briggs
      Care and Feeding of Wigs
May 30 16:00   Reading: James Glass
Web Comics
    How To Heat-Emboss Velvet
May 30 17:00   Reading: Kevin Noel Olson
      Accurate Depiction of Firearms
  Beyond Vampires
May 30 18:00   Website Design
Comics Through Time
    What's New In Science
  Read & Draw: Harry Turtledove
May 30 19:00   Reading: Josh Wagner
Medieval Board Games
        Art Auction
May 30 20:00                
May 30 21:00   Reading: Sarah Clemens
          Talking About John Dalmas
May 30 22:00               Musical Mayhem
May 30 23:00                
May 31 10:00   Reading: James Glass
Autograph Opportunity
    Egg Tempera
  Crop Circles
May 31 11:00   Reading: Harry Turtledove
      Fan Fiction
  The Spark Of Creativity
May 31 12:00   Reading: Patricia Briggs
      Education vs. Creativity
  The Classics
May 31 13:00   Reading: C.J. Cherryh
      Alien Thinking And Culture
  Traditional vs. Digital Drawing
May 31 14:00   Reading: Jane Fancher
May 31 15:00               Closing Ceremonies

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