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The reason we have a security force at MisCon is many faceted. The first and foremost is protecting the convention from liability. This is done by keeping the con-goers, both merchants, pro’s, and attendees, from committing acts which either hurt themselves, or others, or may go against laws within the convention, hotel, city, state, and/or country. Most of this behavior results from lack of fore-thought, and/or thought in general. Secondly, being that security personnel are always visible during the convention; security also acts as informative and helpful liaisons from the convention so please feel free to approach them at any time. Security also liaises with the hotel front desk for the convention; constantly making sure there can be an immediate mitigation of the hotel’s concerns.

Due to the nature of the convention and its participants, it is not uncommon for non-convention personnel, such as guests of the hotel, and visitors to those said guests to intermingle with the convention. Security must make sure participants of the convention are paying attendees, and that neither the con-goers nor the normal people bother each other. A small volunteer force is all MisCon has needed in the past, and hopefully all it will need in the future.

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Some volunteer positions earn vouchers redeemable with Hospitality, Merchants, and Registration. Exact amounts are at the discretion of the Volunteer Director, but typically are based upon hours worked: the first 4 hours earns $5, and each additional 2 hours adds $5 to the total.

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