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Jug O' Dice 2011

Jug O' Dice 2011

This year's rugged, outdoorsy Jug O' Dice comes to us from, uh, my back yard! This bounty of randomness will be awarded to one hard-workin' geek for volunteer service at this year's MisCon.

Additionally, we have the standard two (2) Jug O' Dice contests running this year. Be the first to answer one or two questions regarding this year's Jug O' Dice, and you will win one or two full sets of dice donated by Muse Comics and Games.

The questions.

  1. What product was originally contained within this jug, and what was the brand name of said product?
  2. How many dice are in the jug? (Closest guess wins.)

Send your answers to CthulhuBob at

There is a set of purple dice and a set of green, Gemini dice, manufactured by Chessex and pictured below. Chessex also donated the dice in the Jug O' Dice.

Purple and Green dice for the MisCon 25 jug O' Dice contest

As always, MisCon thanks Chessex, and Muse Comics and Games, for sponsoring our Jug O' Dice!

(We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality avoidance procedure.)

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