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Art Show

The MisCon art show is a special event; every year we bring together the work of many successful and aspiring artists. These wonderful works are displayed, sold, and auctioned just during the wondrous time of MisCon. With each piece there is a bid sheet that gives information about the piece. This sheet will tell you a starting bid amount (lower bids will not be accepted) and a direct sale price. In order to keep things fair the direct sale price is only available when there are no other bids on the sheet. When it comes to auction time the pieces are broken down into these situations:

0 bids ----------> Auction
1 bid ----------> that bidder has won the piece
2 bids ----------> the higher bidder has won
3 bids ----------> Auction

Pieces that have a minimum bid of $350 or more will be left in art room due to liability issues.

This is done to insure the highest amount of pieces sold and fair competition for all con-goers. Payment is due by end of convention unless prior arrangements have been made with approval by (Chair, Operations, Treasury or Art) ConCom members. The Art dept. does not have a credit card machine so we ask as many payments as possible in check and cash form. PayPal payment may be made but this will be done on one-by-one situational basis.

Due to artists wishes that all pieces must remain up as long as possible, pieces may be picked up after auction or last day of con; 'leaving early' situations will be dealt with on a one-on-one basis.

The Auction is held on Sunday night. Due to amount of art the art room will close three hours early for break down and set up. No one but volunteers and staff will be allowed in the art room and auction room during this time. There will be three lists in the hall to let patrons know the status of each piece. A list of Silent bid winners (1 or 2 bids) that will not be in the auction, a list of auction pieces that had no bids (these will start at the min bid price) and a list of auction pieces with three bids (these will start at that third bid price and the third bidder is still responsible until there is a live auction bid. For the auction, paddles will be signed out to the auction patrons the signed-out patron will be responsible for all pieces won by that number. We do ask if you have won a piece to keep your paddle up for a few more seconds so that the art staff may have time to see the number. While you may pick-up and pay for you pieces after the auction we request that you have patience with our art team, we will do our best to check you through our line as quickly as possible. We request the the art only be handled by out art team, to ensure no mix ups. Any art left after all patrons have left will be taken back to the art room and may be picked up the following morning.

MisCon sees art is its purest definition, as in reference to anything may be considered art. Where beauty is in the eye of the beholder, MisCon will not discriminate any of our artist's work. Therefore, MisCon has never and will never restrict what our artists send for their art. The art may be adult and graphic in nature, these pieces will not be hidden. The layout of the art room will try to be tasteful in the placement of such art and will try to make it know to patrons with small children so they may self-censor.

Serious stuff:

While these next measures may seem extreme, they are for the best for all, the artists in trust their life's work to us and this is a responsibility we take seriously. So PLEASE understand we are doing the best for all and respect our measures.

In order to insure safety for all pieces we ask to NO art to be touched by non-staff. In accordance with artist wishes there is no photography, video or cell phone snap shots allowed in the art room, those seen doing so will be asked to delete photos and leave all equipment with staff until the patron is ready to leave the art room. Repeat offenders will possibly be asked not to return.

We the art staff try our best to ensure an enjoyable con for all, for the staff, the con-goers and for the absent/present artists. Our staff is there for the artists and you, so feel free to ask any questions or make any comments.

Heidi Carstens-Bennett

Artist Workshop

This is an opportunity for aspiring artist of all ages to bring their work to the masters in our midst. These aspiring artists may ask for advice or guidance in achieving a better grasp on their art. Think you have some talent and just need a little help? Think that no one 'gets' your art? These masters speak the universal language of art and many are willing to give that advice, opinions, help, or validation that there is hope for the aspiring artist.

Artist Workshop Rules

  1. All art must be registered with art show coordinator two weeks before the convention. Any last minute submissions may be granted by the day of Con by the art show coordinator.
  2. All art submitted must be original.
  3. Artists may only bring one piece per submission.
  4. Spectators will NOT be allowed at the start of the workshop. Only artists, submitters, and convention staff required will be allowed in the room.
  5. Art may be no larger than 11x18.

Con-spawn Art Show

This art show within the art show allows many of the Con's next generation to show what they can do. These spawn who have grown up around the sci-fi fantasy convention atmosphere are very gifted, and may feel a little left out of many con events. Well, the Con-Spawn art show gives them an outlet for their talents and a helping hand of Con involvement. The Con has been giving them a creativity boost, now let's see them in action.

Con-spawn Art Show Rules

  1. Age groups: 8-12, 13-16, 17-19
  2. Category must be specified: Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Mixed
  3. No larger then 11x18
  4. One piece per category
  5. Art may be authorized for sale or auction only by the artist for the amount they specify.
  6. Art must be prepared for hanging or standing display, i.e. matted, framed or self supporting.
  7. Art must be displayed through Monday morning unless prior arrangements are made with art show coordinator.
  8. Passes may be issued to visitors to view panels as a temp 2-hour badge.

Art Show Hours

Friday: 10 am - 7 pm Saturday: 8 am - 7 pm Sunday: 8 am - 5 pm Monday: 8 am - 3 pm
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