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Films submitted to the MisCon 24 International Short Film Festival should fit into one or more of the genres below. Films will judged against the other submitted short films in their genre.

MisCon 24 Theme: SPACETIME
This year's theme is "SPACETIME." Give us your interpretation.
Science Fiction
This genre is as broad as the imagination. Wikipedia has an extensive article on science fiction film.
In a phrase: Swords and Sorcery. Read a deeper exploration of the fantasy film genre at Wikipedia.
What scares us? The horror genre of film is also explored at Wikipedia!
Submissions in this category must fall into one of the genres listed above.
Submissions in this category must relate to one of the above genres.

All entries will be placed in the category most appropriate to its content as determined by our screeners. Sometimes, however, a film blurs the boundaries of genre and requires an executive decision to be made about the category in which it will be placed. If you know this to be the case with your film, please determine the genre you feel most appropriate.

MisCon International Short Film Festival film submission form
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