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Ted Tenold

MisCon 25 Attending Professional

Ted is a professional sword polisher and expert on Japanese Swords. He has been working as a polisher of traditional Japanese swords, both antique and contemporary, since 1996. logo

My name is Ted Tenold and since 1996 I have been working as a polisher of traditional Japanese swords, both antique and contemporary, and works of modern Western smiths who make swords inspired by the Japanese tradition. Japanese sword restoration is however, my primary focus. The above picture is me working. I'm a little older and a lot grayer now.

My pursuit of this craft began with a humble awareness of my own ignorance and I polished only Japanese inspired works by American smiths such as Bob Engnath and Howard Clark. My interest has always been in traditional Japanese swords, but I knew it was best to avoid polishing antique swords without proper training in traditional polishing. Modern swords had few of the considerations that antiques carry with regard to conservation issues. As a martial artist, I also found that there were few reasonable options for those involved in Japanese sword arts to utilize in their practice without either implementing something cheap and dangerously unpredictable, or an antique that could be damaged if used in the rigors of their practice. Therefore, providing these folks with proper swords to carry on their arts without potential loss of art swords was a warm compromise with my desire to polish. In the meantime, I pursued an avenue to learn the traditional craft of polishing art swords I was so passionate about.

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  • Sun 2:00 - 4:00 PM, Japanese Swords, The Dungeon (Downstairs Programming)

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