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Larry Bonham

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L.J. Bonham is an author, historian, and former commercial pilot whose novels include "Shield of Honor," "The Debt," and "Wolves of Valhalla" (Sky Warrior Books), and the non-fiction book, "Prepper Blades" (Garnet Mountain Press), and the upcoming novel "Sector 21."  Short fiction credits include "Sancho", which appears in "Tales from the Front Lines," "Blood Allies" in "No Horns on These Helmets," "A Horse Fit for a King" in "Hoof Beats—Flying With Magical Horses," and "A Very Public Hanging: in "Kepler's Cowboys."  Current projects are the Shields of Honor and Sector 21 series.  L.J. writes numerous freelance, non-fiction articles and web content. 
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L.J. Bonham is an author, historian, and former commercial pilot. Fiction credits include Shield of Honor, The Debt, and Wolves of Valhalla (all from Sky Warrior Books), the non-fiction, Prepper Blades (Garnet Mountain Press), and the short fiction, Sancho, which appears in Tales From the Front Lines. L.J.�s blog, Author Insights with L.J. Bonham, appears on Goodreads. Current projects include the follow up books in the Shields of Honor series, plus a futuristic, dystopian novel, and some non-fiction.

An avid mountaineer with a congenital weakness for fast cars and airplanes, L.J. studies Asian martial arts and Historical European martial arts, with emphasis on the German Longsword. L.J. lives in the Rocky Mountains with assorted critters including a very opinionated Morgan horse.

Scheduled Panels and Presentations:


  • Sun 10:00 - 11:00 AM, Aviation for Storytellers, The Cave (159)
  • Sun 11:00 - Noon, Medieval Weaponry, The Cave (159)

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