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Tim Martin

MisCon 25 Panel Volunteer

Tim is 'that guy' you've seen at Inland Northwest conventions for as long as you can remember. He's a Geek with Geek daughters and Geek grandkids. A gamer since he could pick up dice and move a token on a board and somehow work the rules to his advantage - tying shoes came later.  After time in the Marines to prove that being a band Geek could lead to something, did a 20 year career in IT, now actually using his EE degree working with other Engineers all over the planet. All the while, attending, organizing and working these family reunions we can "cons'. logo

Grew up reading Dad's Analog magazines and wanting to join NASA - I was four when we first walked on the moon. I still remember the event, but not what was actually taking place.
So, been a Geek my entire life.
Actual degree is Electronics - but I "know" about computers so did that for 20+ years. Have been involved with various conventions and fandom for longer than that, raised three Geek daughters, Geek grandkids, and currently the "semi official" spokesperson-organizer for INFilk to help keep music going within Geekdom, and make it accessible. Always love to learn new things, and teach others what I know (If I can...)
Did I mention I'm a bit random?

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