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MisCon 25 Volunteers

MisCon, like any convention or event, needs volunteers to help the convention run smoothly. MisCon uses volunteers in many capacities, from the Convention Committee, or ConCom who meet year 'round to put the convention together, to the volunteers who run the treat cart from Hospitality to the Gaming rooms to feed gamers late in the evening.

How Can I Help?

As in the past, MisCon is looking for a few good volunteers to help us at MisCon 25. Here are some of the areas you could help with as a volunteer at MisCon 25:

Art needs volunteers to assist with set up and break down of the art room, help observe in the art room, and assist with the art auction.
If you're really excited about MisCon and really want to help, you can join ConCom and help throughout the year. This can be a lot of work and is not for the faint of heart, but the reward of putting on a good convention every May is worth it! (And you get to wear a red "staff" t-shirt at MisCon.)
There are hundreds of errands that need run throughout the convention, from carrying books down to the free-bee table, to getting supplies from registration to hospitality. There's always something to do.
If you are interested in running a game at MisCon and want to get in the schedule, sign up with the game chair and we'll get it on the list. Game Masters, Story Tellers, Game referees, what ever you want to call them, they're one of the most important contributors to MisCon and making the convention fun for everyone.
Gaming doesn't need just people running games, but there is a lot to do behind the scenes to help everyone's games go off without problems. The game chairs always need assistance with signage, directions, and changes, not to mention helping people keep track of time...
From making change for hungry fans to running the trolley through the gaming rooms every couple hours, hospitality needs volunteers to make everything come out just right!
Many merchants need someone to help them hauling all their wares and displays in and out again. This is something else you can help with if you register to volunteer at MisCon.
Operations, or "ops," needs help from volunteers for a number of things, from the errands described above to setup and tear-down described below, but MisCon operations also needs volunteers to help with things like special assistance for Guests of Honor or attending Pros to decorating for the annual dance.
Once you've gotten checked in, registration can use volunteers to help keep the registration desk running smoothly and get people in quickly and without incident so they can start enjoying MisCon.
MisCon needs a security team to protect the convention from liability, and to help keep everyone safe and secure. Volunteers can help security and supplement our normal security staff as a Mook.
If you've been to MisCon - or any other convention - you've seen the decorations, informational signs, tables, chairs, barriers, and what-not that goes up to convert the hotel into THE convention. If you're here early, we can sure use some volunteers to get everything set up.
Tear-Down and Cleanup
What goes up, must come down. Not only is it a law of physics, it's a law of decorations. If you can stay after the convention and help with some of the cleanup, volunteer to help out and it will be appreciated.
Volunteers at MisCon can help with videos and the film festival. The video chair needs assistance with presenting awards and showing videos. You can help if you sign up to volunteer!
There are so many things that have to happen to make the convention happen, that we just can't list them all here. If you've seen people helping out with something in particular, and you want to help with that let us know in your volunteer application and we'll see if we can accommodate you.

When you sign up to volunteer you can let us know hwat your preferences are and we'll do our best to work with you on that.

Volunteer Compensation

The work of all volunteers is greatly appreciated. Some volunteer positions may earn credit vouchers redeemable with Hospitality, MisCon Registration, or some merchants in our merchant's room (vouchers are never valid outside MisCon). Other compensation may include gifts such as games or new or used books. Exact amounts are at the discretion of the Volunteer Director, but typically are based upon hours worked: the first 4 hours earns $5, and each additional 2 hours adds $5 to the total.

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