The 2012 MisCon Jug O' Dice Contest

Jug O' Dice 2012

I just barely got our dice donation from Chessex, so I stripped the label off this jug and filled it with dice. One again, we will be giving away two full sets of polyhedral dice, donated by Muse Comics.

One set each will go to the first person to email me, CthulhuBob, at with the following information:

The Questions

  1. Name the company and product for which this was a container.
  2. Be the first to email me with the exact number of dice in the jug, or provide the closest guess, prior to midnight of Tuesday, the 22nd of May 2012. (Meaning Wednesday is too late.)

The jug itself will, again, be given away at MisCon to a volunteer, who is a gamer, who provides outstanding support to us this year.

The Prizes

Here are the two sets of dice to be given away in the Jug O' Dice contest. "Dice, in their natural habitat."

Prize Dice 2012

As always, MisCon thanks Chessex, and Muse Comics and Games, for sponsoring our Jug O' Dice!

(We now return you to your regularly scheduled reality avoidance procedure.)

May 4th Update: Jug O' Dice Product Winner!

Congratulations to Ruth Jones/Mailie for being the first to respond with "Naked Juice." She wins the "brand/product" aspect of this year's Jug O' Dice contest and, therefore, a full set of dice. Thank you again to Muse Comics for donating our prizes.

However, Amelia Getty had already mentioned "Naked Juice" in a previous email. Agonizingly, she stated that it looked like that container, but did not guess it, as she also stated "they don't have those ridges," and she stated she was stumped.

Soon after I received the email from Ruth, Amelia emailed again with "Naked Juice - Blue Machine," which is not only the correct brand/product, but even the correct flavor/variety!

So, Ruth is the official winner, and gets the sat of dice, but Amelia's gonna get some dice too 'cause that was pretty cool.

Everyone else, be sure to send your (limited to one) guess as to the number of dice in the jug.

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