A Fairy Tale

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Toss Hansel in the oven, kiss a slimy frog, and put a pea beneath your mattress. MisCon 26: A Fairy Tale is on the way. In recent years, MisCon has been hijacked by the Illuminati, become a crossroads of time and space, and gone Silver.

Next, the Fairies are coming.

At MisCon 26, experience everything from the darkest Grimm's fairy tales to Disney's Snow White. Come dressed as a woodcutter, a greedy princess, a wicked grandmother, or a steampunk fairy. Attend the Evil Duke's Masquerade, play some Grimm, get into a Changeling LARP, attend panels about mythology and folk tales from different cultures, climb a beanstalk, and eat a poisoned apple or two.

MisCon 26: A Fairy Tale

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