Embellished Bra Contest

It's a fundraiser for MisCon! The wining bra is chosen by popular vote (one vote per badge number). The bras will be on display in the art room upstairs when the art room is open during MisCon. Voting ballots and a ballot box will be available at the bra display.

To Enter the MisCon Embellished Bra Contest

  1. Decorate a bra in whatever style suits your fancy.
  2. Bring your decorated bra, along with $10 per entry, to the Costume table located next to the Registration table by 7:00 p.m. on Friday, May 25.
  3. Bras will be on display in the art room for all to see and vote on.
  4. Participants can pick up their bras at the Costume table directly following the Art Auction on Sunday, May 27.


The winner of the Embellished Bra Contest will be announced at the Art Auction and will split the pot 50/50 with MisCon!


Want to give more to MisCon? Participants may choose to donate their bra to MisCon to be sold in the Art Auction. Money raised in the MisCon Art Auction helps keep MisCon going year after year.

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