MisCon 26 Hall Costume Contest

Got stage fright? Do you like to dress up for the Con but don't like to enter the Costume Contest? Do you look just like your favorite media or game character, at least in the right light? Want to win money? Then this is the contest for you! Come costumed for the con, stop by the Costume Department table next to the Registration & get your picture taken for the Hall Costume Contest. Your picture will be posted for Con-goers to vote on by cash votes. Convention goers shamelessly buy votes for their favorite costume by donating cash. The costume that generates the most votes, i.e. the most cash, wins half of the proceeds and the other half goes into MisCon coffers to help promote fun happenings like this.

The rules are few and simple:

  • You must wear your Con badge with your character's name on it.
  • One photo will be taken for each costume entry person.
  • No nudity allowed - no costume is no costume
  • No dangerous or potentially dangerous props or special effects will be allowed.
  • Any live steel weapons MUST be peace bonded and weapons shall not be drawn or brandished in the halls.
  • You may not enter the same costume in both the Hall costume contest and the Costume Pageant.
  • This is a Hall Costume contest. That means it should be one you can wear while moving around the Con without losing bits and pieces or putting someone's eye out. Bulky or cumbersome costumes should be reserved for the Costume Pageant.
  • Costumes will be judged solely on visual presentation. There are no requirements as to what hours costume must be worn or displayed. For maximum exposure, it is recommended that costumes be shown as often as possible. Remember that votes are donated by Con-goers and depends on as many people as possible seeing you and voting for you.
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