Volunteer Compensation

MisCon 26 Volunteers

Our volunteers are an important part of what makes MisCon a wonderful event. To acknowledge the dedicated work of our devoted volunteers the new position of High Cultist has been created. Not for the faint of heart, a High Cultist is the most serious of the volunteers. These individuals take on more hours and responsibility. They also reap greater rewards.

Cthulhu Cash

The first 4 hours of volunteer time earns $5, and each additional 2 hours adds $5 to the total up to 20 hours.

Cultist (Entrance Level Volunteers)

A cultist dedicates up to 10 or more hours to the con. As a result of their hard work cultists earn Cthulhu cash per past standards (see above).

High Cultist

The zealous fervor of the High Cultist results in 10+ hours with the added requirement of assisting in one of these three areas:

  • set up
  • tear down
  • or after-midnight clean-up

These volunteers also help to coordinate cultists. As a reward for this faithfulness, High Cultists are granted 25% off the registration fee for next year as well as earning Cthulhu cash per standards listed above.

When you sign up to volunteer at MisCon 26 by filling out the Volunteer Application let us know how much time you would like to put in, and we will do our best to help match your needs with that of the convention.

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