The 2013 MisCon Jug O' Dice Contest

Once again, MisCon will be awarding our annual Jug o' Dice. Seen here, hiding in plain sight, is this year's jug - - whether Illuminated or Resistant I don't know.

Jug O' Dice 2013

Muse Comics is donating two sets of polyhedral gaming dice, made by Chessex, to the winners of this year's contest.

Jug O' Dice 2013

So, how do I win, you ask? Alright, alright. Calm down. Here's how it works.

The first person to respond with the jug's original contents, including brand name and volume, wins one of the sets of dice.

The first person to respond with the number of dice, or closest guess, contained within the mysterious jug, wins the other set of dice.

If you are the first to do both, you win both sets of dice. When I get my slimy tentacles on the dice sets, I'll post pictures of them.

Golf ball shown for size perspective.

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