MisCon VIP Passes

MisCon 27 is giving away a limited number of VIP passes to pre-registered attendees. Each VIP pass gives access to a private meeting where you get to hang out with our guests of honor.

- Paizo Publishing - Jim Butcher - Dragon Dronet - Theresa Mather -

You will have the opportunity to talk to guests, and get items signed and even personalized without having to wait in line at a signing session.

How to Win

Winning is simple. We are going to randomly draw winners from our list of pre-registered (and pre-paid) MisCon 27 attendees.

The next drawing will be Saturday, May 11.

Other opportunities may be announced in the future. Watch the Announcements on the MisCon web site for additional opportunities!


  1. Clinton Warner - MisCon Spring Game Day 2013
  2. Cheryl Martin - April 20, 2013 drawing.
  3. Matt Stimac - April 26, 2013 drawing
  4. Kristi Martin - May 3, 2013 drawing

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