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Our terrestrial base is located in the enlightened city of Missoula, Montana USA.

Our mission here at the MisCon International Short Film Festival is simple: to provide a rewarding place for innovative and creative beings from all over planet Earth to display their talents in the Art of Filmmaking.

We are waiting for you... and watching...

MisCon 27 International Short Film Festival Official Selections

We are pleased to announce as our official selections for this years festival the following films:


Showing (Containment Room)
Electro-Cute (United States) trailer Sunday, 6 PM
We will call him Bobby (Spain) trailer Sunday, 6 PM
Eutanas INC (Spain) trailer Sunday, 6 PM
Antoine and the Heroes (Brazil) trailer Sunday, 6 PM
Loaded Paradise (United States) trailer Sunday, 7 PM
Death Chase (Spain) trailer Sunday, 7 PM
To the Other Side (Spain) trailer Sunday, 7 PM

Science Fiction

Showing (Great Hall)
Simetria (Spain) trailer Saturday, 8 PM
The Light of the World (Spain) trailer Saturday, 8 PM
SSSH! (Spain) trailer Saturday, 8 PM
Cuando nieva Sobre (Spain) trailer Saturday, 8 PM


Showing (Great Hall)
"8" (Spain) trailer Friday, 8 PM
Castidermia (Spain) trailer Friday, 8 PM
Refugio 115 (Spain) trailer Friday, 8 PM
Till Death Do Us Part (Spain) trailer Friday, 8 PM
Viande Rouge (Spain) Friday, 8 PM

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