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MisCon 27 Featured Events

  • Unfortunately Sandbagger's Gaming will not be represented at MisCon 27. Hopefully they will be able to attend MisCon 28. Our hopes go with them. Room 262 will be used for Open Gaming this year.

  • Greg Schneider, and the whole Black Shield Gaming team, will be returning to run Friday Night Theater. This year it will be a 7th Sea Live-Action Theater game - The Hand of Fate.
    You can reserve your character and get costuming suggestions right now.

  • In honor of MisCon 27's Writer Guest of Honor, Jim Butcher, Black Shield Gaming will be running a continuous "drop-in" Dresden Files RPG game throughout the Con.
    The continuous "drop-in" game, introduced at last year's Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous, is a series of short 'scenes' allowing Players who only have an hour or so to spare to drop in and enjoy an RPG while they wait for another game or event. Other Game Masters looking for players are encouraged to check Room 162 to see if the drop-in players are ready for an official game. One of the goals of the continuous "drop-in" game is to allow the flexibility for players to play in as many games as possible.

  • Black Shield Gaming will also be in Room 162 throughout MisCon 27. In addition to scheduled games, they will be bringing a list of "by request" games for those groups that find themselves with some time to spare.

  • Ben Donnelly will be returning to run BattleTech Classic, 'Jump Into Hell', and 'Destroy UM.'

Paizo is coming to MisCon 27!

Paizo (pie-zoe) is sending a team to MisCon 27. In addition to Panels discussing the process of adventure design from concept to publication (check out schedule for information on the Panels scheduled for MisCon 27), a team of Pathfinder Society (PFS) GMs led by Venture Captain Kyle Elliott, will be running PFS Events.

MisCon Game Library

With the purchase of Jonathan Crummett's game collection the MisCon Game Library has vastly expanded.

The purpose of the MisCon Game Library is to provide games which can be run for Members at MisCons, or MisCon Game Days. Naturally it's easier to run games from the Library if you know which games we have. You can browse our list of games at the web site boardgamegeek.

If you are interested in running any of the games in the MisCon Game Library at MisCon 27, and are pre-registered for MisCon 27, please email us at gaming@miscon.org and arrange to sign out a game to learn.

Even a game we know how to run, will run more smoothly and enjoyably if we have read the rules, and played the game recently to familiarize ourselves with the intricacies of those rules.

The MisCon Game Library should be a valuable asset, not only bringing entertainment to Members at MisCon and its Game Days, but throughout the year.

GMs Needed

With Paizo sending a team to MisCon 27, we would like to welcome them with a large showing of Pathfinder events. If you plan to run Pathfinder at MisCon 27 please pre-schedule your game. MisCon also has Pathfinder adventures for GMs who want to run them.

Paizo will be running Pathfinder Society events at MisCon 27. If you are already a member of the Pathfinder Society please contact Gaming or the PFS for more information or to help out. GMs interested in running PFS games should contact gaming to sign up for special 'Slot 0' PFS events on Friday where they can experience Pathfinder Society play, and learn about running PFS organized events.

Children's and Family games. MisCon would really like some GMs willing to run Children's or Family games, whether their own or some of those from the MisCon Game Library.

MisCon is looking for GMs to run specific games from the MisCon Game Library like a head-to-head simultaneous running of Formula D and PitchCar or, of course, The Resistance.

Please contact gaming@miscon.org with games you want to run at MisCon 27 early enough for us to promote your game on the Gaming web page. Early sign up gives you more choice of times and tables, as well as giving us time to try to get support for your game.

MisCon 27 Game Registration

Games can be scheduled for MisCon 27 now.

MisCon's membership has tripled over the last five years, and MisCon can use your help meeting the additional demand for games. If you have experience running games (Board Games, Live-Action Role-Playing Games, Role-Playing Games, Trading Card Games, Wargames, etc.) please schedule your game early. If you do not have time to prepare a game, MisCon will be glad to provide you with an adventure, or game, to run. Even if you haven't run games before, MisCon has games which are easy to learn and run for only a few hours of your time.


The MisCon Gaming Survey is live. Please take this survey yourself and encourage your gamer friends to do the same: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MPJMP2M


Be sure to check out the Full Schedule of Events. There are a lot of gaming panels and special events scheduled for MisCon 27.

Gaming Room Layout

Gaming HQ will be in room 161. You can register for games there, or schedule games you want to run. The Gaming Team will be available to help and answer questions.

Primary gaming rooms in the hotel will all be located around the pool on the first floor.

Room 160 will be used for Open gaming throughout the Con.

Rooms 136 to 139 will be used for Mixed gaming.

Rooms 141 to 144 will be used for Quiet Gaming. These rooms will only be used for Scheduled games and, unless the Game Master specifies otherwise, for only one game at a time. If you have a game which needs more privacy, preschedule your game early to reserve one of these rooms.

We have large rooms in the Joker's Wild. Starting on Friday Wargaming will take place in the Joker's Wild Upstairs. Starting on Saturday mixed gaming will take place in the Joker's Wild Downstairs.

The Joker's Wild closes at 1AM, but the poolside gaming rooms are open 24 hours.

The Sandbaggers Game Club of Great Falls, MT will be in room 260, with gaming all weekend and a party Saturday night.

Black Shield Gaming of Helena, MT will be in room 162, running both scheduled games and open gaming all weekend.

Directions to gaming at the Joker’s Wild

Go out the front door of Ruby’s (Reserve Street). Turn left, and cross the parking lot.

When you go in the Joker’s Wild, turn left and look for the stairs leading both up and down to gaming rooms.

MisCon 27 Gamemaster and Volunteer Record Keeping

MisCon would like to start keeping better records. This includes keep track of volunteered hours. If you are planning on running games at MisCon 27 please fill out the Volunteer form on the Volunteers page. If you check only Gaming, it is assumed your hours are scheduled. Although, we hope you take an interest in other departments as well.

Online Gaming Pre-registration

Members and GMs who are pre-registered for MisCon 27 may pre-register for two games, plus as an alternate for one game.

If those pre-registered members are also prescheduled to run games, they may sign up for one additional game, and as an auxiliary for one additional game. For a total of three prescheduled seats, and two auxiliary seats.

Pre-registration for games may not fill more than half of the available seats for a game. We are working on developing a system for gaming pre-registration for the website. In the mean time we are going to use a low tech system.

Check out the listed games.

If you are pre-registered for MisCon 27, and would like to pre-register for games, send an email to gaming@miscon.org stating which games you would like to sign up for, and any questions you may have about the games.

We will verify your registration and the availability of seats in the games. We will then pre-register you for the games and send you an email verifying that you are signed up for the games.

Thank you for supporting MisCon 27.

MisCon 27 Gaming Team

Joe Taylor Stewart Fleming Joshua Aronoff Bob Lovely
(Quasijoe) (Admiral) (Josh) (CthulhuBob)
Gaming Director Gaming Coordinator Gaming Liason Prize Support

If you have any questions about playing or running games at MisCon, please email us at gaming@miscon.org

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