Darryl Branning (dzyjak)

MisCon 27 Panel Volunteer

Darryl Branning is a science fiction reader and geek; a computer gamer and geek; and a writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy, questionable poetry, and weird blog posts.

Darryl Branning was born and raised in Helena Montana. He moved away and eventually succeeded in getting two Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in Journalism and the other in Creative Writing. Despite that, he still isn't sure where to put commas, or how an ellipsis actually works. He lives in Missoula Montana with an undisclosed number of cats, and several computers. He's currently employed by a local software company where he helps emergency dispatch centers with computer problems. When he isn't reading or writing, he's playing video games, watching streaming videos, and catching up on social media--sometimes all at once.

Web site: http://branning.us

Scheduled Panels and Presentations:


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