Christie Meierz

MisCon 27 Attending Professional

Author of the Amazon bestsellers in space opera, The Marann, Daughters of Suralia, and Into Tolari Space, she lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, a software engineer and mathematician, and her youngest son, who is studying engineering.

Christie Meierz began by self-publishing and now writes space opera for Sky Warrior Books. Her debut novel, The Marann, won the 2013 Prism award for Futuristic Romance given by the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter of the Romance Writers of America, the first self-published author to win this prestigious award. She combines depth of world-building with compelling characterization and a tight, clean style.

Christie now divides her time between reading voraciously, writing obsessively, and spending time with her fuzzy, mop-topped mathematician-slash-software-engineer husband.

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Scheduled Panels and Presentations:


  • Fri 3:00 - 3:50 PM, Creating Fictional Societies, Upstairs Programming 1 (259)
  • Break Fri 3:50 - Sat 6:00
  • Sat 6:00 - 6:50 PM, Ebooks: The Other Side of Publishing, Great Hall (Upstairs)
  • Break Sat 6:50 - Sun 2:00
  • Sun 2:00 - 2:50 PM, Gender Roles and Societal Change, Upstairs Programming 2 (260)
  • Sun 3:00 - 3:50 PM, Mastering the Revision Process, Containment Room (Upstairs)
  • Break Sun 3:50 - Mon 1:00
  • Mon 1:00 - 1:50 PM, Sentence-by-Sentence, Upstairs Programming 2 (260)

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