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MisCon 27

Activities for Kids!

These activvities are designed for entire families to enjoy together. Donít drop your children off to these panels ó participate with them! All ages are welcome to all kid activities.

Activities include coloring, playing with Play-Doh, readings, and crafts. Review the online schedule to help determine when you should bring your kids to the convention!

Please note: ALL children must be accompanied by an adult at every SpawnCon panels.

Josh Aronoff

Josh Aronoff is married, father of two, and a graduate student in the field of counseling psychology. He has degrees in psychology and sociology and has spent more than a decade working with at risk youth. Josh also served in the Army National Guard, Infantry. He has been an avid Gamer for more years than he should count, fan of the mystery, science fiction, and fantasy genres. He collects game books, useless bits of trivia, and esoteric skills including, pickling, pre-prohibition cocktail mixing, copper electroplating, and is considering taking up blacksmithing if he can find the time and resources.

About Josh Aronoff

Amber Edwards
Amber Edwards

Geeky gamer girl who is 99.9% certain that she is a Disney princess.

About Amber Edwards

Amy Farrington
Amy Farrington

Amy works as a writer and freelance graphic designer. Her nerd-core activities include knitting, reading nonfiction, gaming, singing loudly in the car, and watching scifi and fantasy movies.

About Amy Farrington

Sarah Fleming-Lovely
Sarah Fleming-Lovely

About Sarah Fleming-Lovely

Crystal Jones

About Crystal Jones

Garon Smith

About Garon Smith

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